Wednesday, June 12, 2013


cover-1-206x300We are just weeks away from the release of our first book, "50 Shades of Grades; My Journey Through Wacademia" The book tells the story of a boy who was born too soon, rushed into the first grade at age 5 1/2 or so, and struggled throughout elementary and high school. Still, with all his academic failures, largely due to a letter writing campaign orchestrated by his father, the young man was admitted into a private university, albeit on a part time basis and on probation. If he did not maintain a "C" average that first semester he would be dismissed. But during that transitional first year he learned that he learned differently than most people - they learned from reading; he learned by listening. He also discovered a knack for writing. Although school continued to be a challenge to him, he persevered and ultimately earned a Doctors degree. Along the way his adventures and misadventures saw him socializing with the daughter of a governor, generals, heads of state, presidential candidates, movie stars, and a host of other people. 50 Shades of Grades will be one of the most interesting memoirs you will read.

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