Sunday, October 21, 2012

How 'bout dem Bears???

Rolling, rolling, rolling: I guess that is one of the songs they would sing at the rolling mills, or even in the hot strip finish department. Pickle line, anybody? (And I DON'T mean the Heinz tours). Our Clairton Bears have been rolling along, having not lost a home game since 2005 and not lost a game at all since 2009. Last Friday they won their 55th consecutive game and are headed for a state record 60. The 55-game win streak is currently the longest in any sport at any level in the U.S. So take a bow, fellas, but keep your head up and close the season with a victory, then good luck in the playoffs.

I bleed orange and black: I've graduated from three universities and worked at several more. One would think I'd be a die hard fan of BYU or NAU or UNLV or one of the dozen or so other universities in which I attended or taught. But when I hear the old song, "Be True to Your School," I think Clairton High School. I know of no other high school that is so special (and of course I'm partial to the Class of 1960) that has class reunions every five years and sometime even half-reunions in Las Vegas at the 2 1/2 year mark between the 5-year reunions (that's my Class of 1960). Our alumni from CHS is so rabid that those who've settled in Florida have an annual Clairton reunion in De Soto Park, FL, and of course there is the annual multi-class reunion held annually at Clairton Park. Local alumni and those who travel thousands of miles celebrate the end of summer at the Park.

Now Las Vegas knows Clairton: I was driving around in Las Vegas a year or so ago and passed a group of condominiums located in a pretty area near The Lakes. The name of the street was Clairton Circle! I was stunned to discover that a little Clairton history resides in Las Vegas. The condos were built in the early 1980s but I have no clue how the street got its name. Any suggestions?

Alumni Bill Bennett lives in Arizona. He, along with many other alumni in California, Utah, Nevada, and throughout the west keep track of the Bears and their exploits. I'm also very grateful to former Social Studies teacher Don Taylor who provides an excellent analysis of the Bear's progress. Several Facebook pages devoted to the rebirth of our town, the Bears, and the progress being made in our school are included in my regular reading requirements.

In addition to Clairton Circle, the local newspaper, Las Vegas Review Journal did an article on our hometown this morning. I was interviewed by Ron Kantowski, a sports writer for the paper. Turns out that Ron lived in a community very similar to Clairton near Gary, IN and his dad was a steelworker, so he understands our town, its struggles, and the pride in our team.

Read and enjoy:

A little blogging music Maestro... "Be True to Your School," by the Beach Boys.

Dr. Forgot

Friday, October 19, 2012

Have you missed me?

Pussycat Pussycat, where have you been:  I cannot believe that it has been nearly two months since I last posted. My apologies to those loyal readers who check in with me on a regular basis. This is a good time to post as the Bears are about to end another successful season.

The Bears win streak was almost ended the first game of the season when they barely squeaked by Chartiers-Houston by a score of 22-20. Of course, they had nearly half their team serving suspensions that game due to attendance, grades, or who-knows-what. But they got their groove and players back for the second game and the rest of the season to date went as follows: Carlyton 50-7, California 54-6, Monesson 52-7, Fort Cherry 65-0, Brentwood 42-7 and Bishop Canevin 53-15.

Tonight is hHomecoming for the Bears and they face another good Catholic school, Serra. If they win tonight (#55) and next week against Imani Christian (#56), the Clairton Bears will enter the playoffs once again undefeated. The all time record of wins in PA is 60.

I will write more after the game, including a surprise that I should know about by Sunday.

Any potential bloggers? My lifestyle has changed this year and I've been focused on my new job as an usher at the newly opened Smith Center for Performing Arts. That is one reason I've written fewer blogs and done less research. If any reader would consider writing this log from time to time, please let me know. My rules are: try to stay upbeat and include as much on Clairton and its residents past and present.

See you Sunday.

A little blogging music maestro, "The Clairton Fight Song."

Dr. Forgot