Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Clairton Football Lives

ITEM FIRST: Former CHS Athletic Director tells me that this is the 100th year of Clairton Football. We have talked about the Bears in the past and how the mascot name has changed over the years, from The Orange, to the Cobras (my personal favorite) to the Bears. Jim can be reached on Facebook. He is trying to put together the "Top 100" players in CHS football history. Four "must be" on that list are the three All Americans, Andy Berchock (University of North Carolina), Jim Kelly (Notre Dame), and Tyler Boyd (Pitt), and the "Little General" who set nearly every record in the Canadian Football League, Ron Lancaster (Wittenberg College).

A few others who come to mind are Jay Huffman (Penn State), Judge Dickson (Minnesota), Ken Stilley (Notre Dame) and Joe Belland (Arizona State). Please email me others you might think should be included in Jim's list.

ITEM SECOND: The Bears continued their streak of 64 consecutive wins by spanking Chartiers-Houston 35-0, nearly half of which have been by shutouts. Let's continue to support our high school team. Follow them on Facebook.

ITEM THIRD: The University of Pittsburgh Panthers looked more like the Kittanning Kittens against the Florida State team. Five of our Bears currently play for Pitt. None were used as much as they could have been, particularly Tyler Boyd who ended up with a few spectacular play. A few more to him, or to #88, Kevin Witherspoon could have made the game much more competitive. The other Killer T's played on defense but not enough to make a difference. Note to the Pitt Coaching Staff: Use your proven winners to create a winner.

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