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Veteran's Day 2008

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Out with the old, in with the new: Barack Obama entered the White House through the front door. The building that was built by slaves played host to the president and the president elect today. Pundits who have a shortage of air tome topics now that the election is over are asking how President Bush will handle the transition of power and whether he will be accommodating to the next president. Come on, Bush might have been a political bungler but one thing that he has always excelled at has been interpersonal relations. There is no reason to think that will change.

Ok, guys, you can quit whalin’ on Palin: During the election anybody who made fun of Governor Palin was called a hater by her party members. Now that the election is over the same slime-buckets who make a living trashing their opponents are sliming their own team members. I guess they just can’t help themselves. Their latest targets are Senator McCain who was made out to be responsible for everything that went wrong back to the fall of the Holy Roman Empire (which, by the way, was neither Holy nor Roman nor an Empire). That music must sound like an oldie to McCain as the same group slimed him unmercifully during his attempted presidential run in 2000. The same group and their cronies has turned their venom on the Queen of all Igloos. What your mother told you as a child is turning out to be true – lie down with pigs and all you’ll ever get is dirty.

I don’t need the boss’s guff, I’m married: The latest term among those who examine career choices is, “work spouse.” No, it doesn’t mean your honey leaves the hive to become a worker bee, but according to Career Builder.com “A work spouse is a co-worker of the opposite sex with whom you have a close platonic relationship. In many ways, these relationships can mirror a real marriage.” They even list seven signs to help you determine whether or not you are or have a work spouse. We have developed our own list to see if you have a work spouse: 1. Does your co-worker come to work with curlers and face cream? 2. Does your co-worker tell you to “Make your own damn coffee.” 3. Does your coworker tell you the meeting has been cancelled because she has a headache? 4. Does the co-worker tell you that you left the toilet seat up? 5. During Power Point presentations does your co-worker insist on using the remote? 6. Does your co-worker remind you that she could have been working for former employer who appreciates her work more than you do? And finally, 7. Does the co-worker “Forget” to tell you that her mother is coming to visit?

Goodbye Gift List: As the Bush family prepares to leave their home of the past eight years they will follow a long tradition of giving gifts to their longtime employees and friends. Some are so hard to buy for that the task will be difficult. Take Vice President Cheney, for example. Do they buy him a new undisclosed location? He already has more than enough Darth Vader outfits, so how about a lifelong supply of batteries for his defibrillator? For Condi Rice, perhaps he could fix her up with a blind date with a good ‘ole Texan. Wolfowitz, Rummy, and the gang that has already departed should be happy with “Thank You” cards. For Vladimir Putin a kaleidoscope that can be used to look into people’s soul. And finally for former press secretary Scott McClellan, a job interview with President Elect Obama.

Remember our veterans: Veterans Day, 2008. Regardless of one’s politics or whether or not you feel we should be in Iraq, or should have been in Viet Nam or Korea, today is the day to honor the brave men and women who serve our country. We recognize the brave soldiers, sailors, and marines and wish them safety. We also need to tend to them upon their return from active duty. So hug a vet today or at least take a moment to give thanks to them. Oh, and by the way, legend has it that many babies born during World War II were named “Furlough.” Don’t worry if you don’t understand that one. It just means you’re a youngster.

A little blogging music Maestro… “God Bless America,” by Kate Smith.

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