Thursday, January 29, 2009

What's in a name?

The radio mechanics Click and Clack are really, REALLY funny. I offer you names of their staff members:

Car Talk's Official Staff Credits

Accounts Payable Administrator: Imelda Czechs
Aegean Caterer: Sue Flockey
Accounts Payable Clerk, Moscow Office: Dasha Chekhov
Air-Quality Monitor: Carmine Dioxide
Air Traffic Controller: Ulanda U. Lucky
Assertiveness Training Coach: Lois Steem
Assistant Director of Moral Support: Hugo Gurll
Assistant Director of Strategic Planning: Kent C. Detrees
Asst. Transportation Coordinator Orson Buggy:
Audience Response Analyst; Luke Warm
Australian Tour Guide: Joaquin Matilda
Auto Seat Tester: Fitz Matush
Back Seat Driver: Mischa Turnov
Bowling Coach; Menachem Down
British Doorman: Isaiah Olchap
Bunji Jumping Instructor; Hugo First
Business Forecaster: Luigi Bord
Chairman, Underemployment Study Group; Art Majors
Chief Negotiator: Bernadette Bridge
Children's Sleepover Coordinator: Amos Muhmahmi
Cleanliness Inspector: Adolph Deflor
Commencement Speaker; Gladys Overwith
Communications Director II : Noam Sayin
Compassion Coordinator: Ophelia Paine
Complaint Line Operator ; Xavier Breath
Conflict Resolution Specialist: Yvonne Apeesamey
Conservative Political Commentator: Eileen Tudor-Wright
Construction Manager: Dustin Dubree
Coordinator, 12-Step Recovery Program: Cody Pendant
Coordinator of Summer Visits to the Inlaws: Don Juan-Gogh
Corporate Spokesperson: Hugh Lyon Sack
Credit Counselor; Max Stout
Customer Car Care Representative; Haywood Jabuzoff
Defense Dept. Consultant: Major Error
Dental Hygienist: Ginger Vitis
Desi Arnaz Biographer: Ike Arumba
Director of Accounts Payable: Bill Shredder
Director of Delicate Electronics Repair: Anita Hammer
Director of Grad Student Transportation: Iona Heap
Director of Guaranteed Repeat Business: Lucinda Boltz
Director of Long-Range Strategic Planning: Kay Sera
Director of Purchasing: Lois Bidder
Director of Staff Pay Increases: Xavier Breath
Director of Top Secret Strategy: Donatello Nobatti
Downsizing Consultant: Candace Guy
Ebay Specialist: Selma Junkoff
Emergency Preparedness Director: Ron Lykell
Empathy Coach: Enzo Watt
Fact Checker, Mexico City Office: C.S. Verdad
Fashion Consultant: Natalie Attired
Head of Working Mother Support Group: Erasmus B. Dragon
Help Desk Coordinator: Doris Shutt
In-law Hospitality Provider: Emile Endicott
Insurance Agent: Heidi Ductible
Jeep Driver: Jocelyn De Contents
Liaison to the British Isles: Isaiah Oldchap
Long-Distance Truck Driver: Etienne Wheeler
Manager, Car Talk Listeners Rebate Program: Wendy Pigsfly
Marine Biologist: Frieda Wales
Marriage Counselor: Marion Haste
Mechanic's Assistant: Hannah Twomey
Montana Traffic Law Director: Hugh Jim Bissell
Moving Van Driver: Carrie Desofa
Museum Guide : Desdamona Lisa
New-Employee Training Program: Ewell Flounder
New York-based Dispute Settlement: Coordinator Hugh Talkinamee
New Truck Reviewer : Zbigniew Rigg
Official Spokesperson: Howie Vasive
Official Spokesperson: Lou Scannon
Ornithologist in Training: Luke A. Boyd
Overseer of Florida Voting Practices: Emmanuel Recount
Parole Officer: Willy Bolt
Political Consultant: Mark Iavelli
PR Director: Bea Esser
Practical Joke Evaluator: Odessa Goodwyn
Press Secretary: Don B. Zonozi
Proof Reader : Erin Spelling
Puzzler Tester: Otis S. Hard
Ratings Analysis Specialist: Rita Menweip
Rental Property Manager: Ulysses Up
Rental Property Manager: Condoleeza B. Broken
Repair Cost Consultant: Bill M. Moore
Repo Agent: Carmine Now
Russian Intern : Igor Beaver
Russian Vacation Specialist: Ivana Veekoff
Self Esteem Coach: Mia Culpa
Senior Accountant from the Paris Office: Count De Monet
Senior Citizen Driving Instructor: Tonya Blinkeroff
Shop Foreman: Luke Bizzy
Solicitor of New Ideas: Obie Quiet
Staff Activities Coordinator: Dewey Hafta
Staff Priest: Neil Down
Staff Fact Checker: Neera Nuff
Staff Forger: Vera Similitude
Staff Grief Counselor: Ariel Bummerman
Staff Intern: Lois Rung
Staff Psychologist: Les Moody
Statistician: Marge Innovera
Tailor: Euripedes Imenedes
Tax Consultant: Lou Pole
Telephone Complaint Taker: Opal Lease
Urgent Response Coordinator : Candace Waite
Weekend Excursion Planner: Deepak Tumuch

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