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Test Your Clairton/Pittsburgh IQ

A Closed Mind is a Good Thing to Lose

Mostly Personal: It is a safe bet that many blog readers are either current or former residents of Clairton, PA and the Greater Pittsburgh area and their families. We always appreciate hearing from Clairtonians whether current or expatriate. Reader Jill Urso sent us a Pittsburgh IQ quiz. While not exactly Clairton, Pittsburgh is that little town down the Monongahela. Or if you’re not up for a swim, that little village can be reached by driving the River Road (aka Route 837) or the more modern, more congested Route 51. Once you arrive “dawntawn” you are to look around and see how many of these questions you can answer. In the spirit of final exams, which will be coming up soon, here is a Pittsburgh practice test:

1) Newscaster Bill Burns used to end his newscasts with what phrase?

2) Name 2 members of the Rooney family.

3) Pittsburgh once had a bridge to ______________.

4) Name Ricki Wertz dog.

5) Captain Jim sailed on the ship____________.

6) Famous Pittsburgh DJ, Clark _____________.

7) Bill Cardille's nickname was___________________.

8) What pro wrestling champ was from Pittsburgh ?

9) Paul Long's news partner was Don ________________.

10) "It's 11 pm. Do you know where ______________________?”

11) Name the parts of a Primanti sandwhich.

12) Bob Prince's nickname was ______________?

13) Myron Cope invented the Terrible _____________.

14) What tunnels are on the Parkway West?

15) What tunnels are on the Parkway East?

16) What are the former call letters of WPXI Channel 11.

17) What is the Pittsburgh subway system called?

18) Paul Shannon hosted _________________.

19) Nosmo King was played by ___________________.

20) What was Bob Prince's call after a Bucco's win?

21) What famous Market Square Restaurant can a street person eat at the same table as a business executive?

22) In what part of Pittsburgh was Forbes Field located?

23) Where is Forbes Field's home plate now?

24) In what part of Pittsburgh was Three Rivers Stadium?

25) Name the 3 rivers whose confluence is in Pittsburgh .

26) What was the popular hamburger joint in Pittsburgh prior to McDonald's?

27) What number did Roberto Clemente wear?

28) What number did Joe Greene wear?

29) Where will the UP Incline take you?

30) What state park is located in downtown Pittsburgh?

31) What was the name of the local 11:30 pm Saturday show in 60's & 70's?

32) Name the 1st radio station in Pittsburgh .

33) During the 70's, what radio station encouraged listeners to answer their phones with, "I listen to the new sound of _________."

34) What was the nickname of KQV during the groovy 60's & 70's?

35) The host of Dialing for Dollars was Del ______________.

36) The host of Bowling for Dollars was Nick________________?

37) What would you receive if you answered a question incorrectly on Dialing/Bowling for Dollars?

38) Name the late night KDKA radio talk show host.

39) The host of Popeye and Knish was Hank ______________?

40) Jack Lambert said quarterbacks should wear _________________.

41) A Saturday morning Tarzan Theater was hosted by Don ________________?

42) The minor league hockey team in Pittsburgh was the _________________.

43) The 2 ABA franchises in Pittsburgh were _____________ & _______________?

44) Chicken on the Hill with _______________?

45) Who had to "leave town" in April after advising Pittsburghers to remove their snow tires the same week Pittsburgh received a 12" snowfall?

46) Name the show that was on every Sunday at 1 pm with
Ricki Wertz and competing students.

47) What was the name of the "Castle Prankster" on Chiller Theater?

48) Where could you send your letters to Santa where they would be loaded on a rocket ship and sent to the North Pole?

49) Name the tart sold by KDKA radio morning DJ's during Christmas season.

50) Who was Bill Burn's co-host before his daughter Patty?

51) Who can?

52) Ring-a-ling-a-ling give ______ a ring.

53) Century Three Cheverolet.

54) Eat and Park, the place for ______________?

55) What cabaret type showroom was located in Monroeville ?

56) Name 4 quaterbacks from the Pittsburgh area who played in the Super Bowl (there are more than 4).

57) Who played Handy Man Negri on Mister Rogers Neighborhood?

58) What section of Pittsburgh would you go to buy fruits and vegetables?

59) The Civic Arena is located just below what area of Pittsburgh ?

60) What 3 Pittsburgh colleges play Division 1 basketball?

61) Wholey's is known for ___________________.

62) What hotel is famous for its dancers?

63) The 1st owner of the Steelers was _______________________.

64) The paddle boats of the rivers are the _________ Fleet.

65) The Pittsburgh USFL team was the _______________.

66) Pittsburgh railroad workers did a dance while they worked. It became known as the __________.

67) "John Naretto __________________."

68) In an early book about the Steel Mills, Pittsburgh was described as “________ with the lid off.”

69) Who hit the home run in the bottom of the ninth to give the Pirates a World Series victory in 1960?

70) Who did the Pirates beat in that World Series?

Ok, now exchange papers and let’s check your answers:

1) Goodnight, Good Luck & Good News tomorrow.
2) Dan & Art
3) Nowhere
4) Copper
5) Nancy Bee
6) Race
7) Chilly Billy
8) Bruno Samartino
9) Cannon
10) Your children are?
11) Italian bread, meat, cheese, tomato,coleslaw & french frie
12) The Gunner
13) Towel
14) Fort Pitt
15) Squirrel Hill
16) WIIC (The Ones to Watch)
17) T
18) Adventure Time
19) Paul Shannon
20) We had 'em all the way!
21) The Oyster House
22) Oakland
23) Forbes Quad - Univ of Pgh
24) North Side
25) Allegheny, Monongahela meet to form the Ohio
26) Winky's
27) 21
28) 75
29) Mt Washington
30) Point State Park
31) Chiller Theater
32) KDKA
33) 13Q or Keen, Quick, Vital
34) 14K
35) Del Taylor
36) Nick Perry
37) BD gallon Islay 's Ice Cream
38) Perry Marshall
39) Hank Stohl
40) Skirts
41) Don Riggs
42) Hornets
43) Pipers & Condors
44 Willie Stargell
45) Bob Kudzma
46) Junior High Quiz
47) Stefan
48) Paul Shannon at Adventure Time
49) Farkleberry Frump
50) Marie Torre
51) Ameri-can (Heating Company...spokesman Pie Traynor)
52) Roth
53) Lebanon Church Road
54) Smiles
55) Holiday House
56) John Unitas, Joe Montana, Terry Hanratty, Jim Kelly,
George Blanda, Scott Zolak, Joe Namath
57) Joe Negri
58) The Strip
59) Hill District
60) Pitt, Duquesne & Robert Morris
61) Seafood
62) Edison
63) Art Rooney
64) Gateway Clipper Fleet
65) Maulers
66) Gandy Dancer
67) Cares
68) Hell
68) Bill Mazeroski
70) New York Yankees
We are grading on the curve so if if you missed fewer than 10 give yourself an A. If you missed more than 30 you have to visit the old Burgh more often.

A little blogging music Maestro… Guy Mitchell’s “Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.”

And just in case you’ve forgotten, the melody was hijacked by Malvina Reynolds who did “Little Boxes.” As a bonus, the words to the song are:

There's a pawnshop on a corner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
And I walk up and down 'neath the clock
By the pawnshop on a corner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
But I ain't got a thing left to hock

She was peaches, she was honey, and she cost me all my money
'cause a whirl 'round the town was her dream (was her dream)
Took her dancin', took her dinin' till her blue eyes were shinin'
With the sights that they never had seen (never seen)
If you should run into a golden-haired angel
And ask her tonight for a date
She'll tell you somewhere there's a rich millionaire
Who is calling again about eight

(There's a pawnshop on a corner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
And I've just gotta get five or ten (five or ten)
(From the pawnshop on a corner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Gotta be with my angel again

Dr. Forgot

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