Saturday, November 3, 2012

Of Clairton, Bears, and Books

You don't know what you're missing: Many current and former Clairton residents "of a certain age" are yet  to be dragged, kicking and screaming into the technological era. On the chance that you do not Facebook, or even if you do, you might not be aware of two Facebook pages; Clairton Activists and Clairton History. Both help keep up on what is going on in our hometown these days and were developed by Joanie Jordan. From those Facebook pages flowed a website, I would encourage you to visit that site and see the fabulous photos of Clairton past. You will see Clairton Park in its early stages of being built, original photos of the pool and the diving board that once graced the second float,. You will see photos of the corner store across from Gumble's Chevrolet dealership, Vitori's Esso Station, and many other early pictures. And speaking of auto dealerships you will also see a photo of the Worthington Avenue Garage which at various times served as a Hudson dealership and became Johnny's Glass. And don't forget to peek at the Capital Theater in its early days. The site is a treasure trove of photos and information.

57 is more than just a Heinz logo: Congratulations to our Bears Football team that won its 57th consecutive game last Friday as the playoffs began. They defeated a respectable Frazier Commodore team that took a 6-0 lead. The lead lasted less than one minute and CHS  scored the next 58 points. Tyler Boyd scored his 100th touchdown and ran for over 200 yards on six carries. Next up is Brentwood. The record for consecutive wins in Pennsylvania prep football is 59.

Books by Bill: William R. King has been mentioned in this blog before. He is the Clairton high School kid who came from Elrama with a chip on his shoulder and with the guidance of several teacher-mentors, went on to college, got his Ph.D. and became a longtime professor at Pitt. He is also both a gifted and prolific writer, and that is not just my opinion. No less a celebrity than Vladimir Putin plagiarized one of Bills many writings and placed it in his (Putin') Master's dissertation.

Seems Bill just can't stay away from the keyboard. His latest book is  "SCHOOL DAYS: Coming of Age in the Mid-20th Century." Author is officially William R King. It's available on, and The e-version costs only $1.99. This would make a terrific Christmas gift for anybody who has any connection to Clairton.

That is the latest from Clairton, PA.

A little blogging music Maestro... "The Booklovers" by the Divine Comedy.

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