Saturday, December 6, 2008

Farewell Dear Friends

A Week of Legacy

Florie of China: A true era has passed with the passing of a dear friend. Florie was the last of the group of World War II era people who simply exuded class, good manners, grace, and a sense of worldliness. She lived in Shanghai, China as part of a class of people who rubbed elbows with heads of state. Her eldest son was born in Shanghai and her family’s textile mills produced a good portion of the Chinese GNP and exports. After the War ended and the infamous Gang of Seven began their takeover in China, Florie and her family were able to move to South America where although life was not as regal as it had been, she still was able to maintain her persona.

Years became decades and Florie’s family did as families do. Her parents passed on, she lost her husband, and her children got on with their lives throughout the world. Florie moved to Canada and lived alone in her apartment for decades as the world that she and her family helped define changed. Even into her nineties she visited her children regularly in New York and Thailand. One son moved to Canada and lived nearby.

Last week at age 99 Florie fell in her apartment, apparently after suffering a heart attack. She had rarely been ill or dependent and her children sensed the worst. Her eldest son raced to the Bangkok airport but in a cruel twist of fate the airport was closed by government protesters and remained so for more than a week. Unable to leave Thailand the eldest son depended on missives from his sibling in Canada for medical updates. There were few, as Florie passed away peacefully not long after entering the hospital. The tragedy is doubled as the son who devoted his life to making sure his mother was able to live the life she deserved, was prevented by political unrest from being at her side at the end.

James of Japan: Jim Wilson really wasn’t from Japan. He wasn’t even Japanese. Well, yes he was. Jim was born as Caucasian American as one could be. Jim joined the Navy and spent time in Japan as a cryptologist and computer expert. There he decided to stay for, oh, a quarter century or so. He became so prolific in the Japanese language and culture that he became a court reporter and Japanese interpreter. When his younger brother became a ward of the state Jim brought him to Japan and enrolled him in school. That’s just the kind of guy Jim was. But that is not only who Jim was. Short in stature and slight in build, Jim had more energy than the Eveready Bunny.

Jim became a businessman and taught himself the technology of the internet. His specialties included business and professional coaching, wireless networking, multimedia, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Also Consulting: Japanese-English DVD translations and conversions, site development and strategies as well as conference A/V Support, Multilingual Simultaneous Interpreting. Jim was a master promoter, developing dozens of media outlets including vegasnews, which featured himself as a columnist as well as Robin Leach and myself. If you wonder how effective he was at getting his clients featured on the net, Google Makino Green Tea, one of his recent Las Vegas clients and notice the plethora and placement of the product.

A small segment of Jim’s resume includes: “Developed 1.5 million + subscribers in Japan for streaming desktop product, Index-TV, and three strategic alliances for content and distribution mostly in Asia. Successfully negotiated Japan license for Canadian Playerless streaming media product which replaced Index-TV's original QuickTime-based product. Vice President, Business Development, Managed Staff of 27; Direct reports included directors of Marketing, Sales, Public Relations, Creative, Internet Broadcasting and related programming staff. Identified and developed 140 business alliances and partnering strategies for print and electronic media. Internet and business development services for corporations marketing to Japan and Japanese tourists in Las Vegas. Japanese Website Development. Owner at Wilson Productions, Vegas Buzz News & Radio .

Jim’s biggest venture of late was the Las Vegas Marathon, a project he worked on for several months. He did publicity nad planned to stream the even live across the world via his online news network. The run will take place Sunday, December 7, but Jim will not be there.

Last week, probably on Tuesday, Jim’s heart ceased to function. He lived alone and remained at home until he was discovered two days later after concerned friends asked the landlord to check on his welfare. The world is a less perfect place after the loss of my friends Florie and Jim. They were both single-mold people. Neither met the other but both made the world a better place. Rest in peace my dear friends.

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