Friday, December 14, 2012

Bears Win #63!

Game. Set. Match. Bravo! The Clairton Bears had a tough game against a tough opponent. Not only was Dunmore tough, they made our boys look like a pee-wee team. The lineman from Dunmore reached a height go 6'7" and weight of 275. Our kids line went 5'10, 5'10, 5,9", six feet even, and only one tipped the scales at an even 200. But once the game started the Bears that looked like cubs against their opponents played like giant Grizzlies. They gave as good as they got, even better. Dunmore, who came into the game with a 14-1 record in a would not be a team that would succumb to the Mercy rule - they only allowed CHS one touchdown per half until the last three minutes of the game. But that was enough for the Bears as they won their fourth consecutive State Championship by a score of 20-0.

Terrence Fort is amazing: Terrence is a CHS alum. Until I met him I did not believe that Terrence Fort was a real person. I thought he was just a ball of energy, as he is never in one place. He travels the country in his job and has an acute interest in his Alma Mater. Terrence, along with others who've assisted, started a group called Reaching the Reachable. It has been about a year since I was honored to be a speaker on behalf of this group. They are all about CHS students pursuing post-secondary success through education, entrepreneurship, and any other means that would enhance members of the Clairton student body. But Terrence also is a rabid Bear fan and he summed up their fourth consecutive victory as follows: "I wish I had the skills to put down on paper what I saw at Hershey on Friday. I saw a depleted team, that was undermanned and undersized. With most of their key players injured and in Pain. Some limping and some holding onto appendages, On the other side I saw a Team that looked like they were part of a College Program. They had several Goliaths that are going to Division 1 schools on their lines. They had two 1000 yard rushers. You see they came out with a 23 Square foot sign that stated the streak ends here and their team busted through it. And in their stands they had all the backing that is provided by the "Steeler Nation". One thing they didn't know. They didn't "KNOW BOUT DAT". They didn't know how much HEART the Clairton Bears have. OMG!!! I watched Time and Again David s
tep around Goliath and crush those "1000 yarders" with losses. I watched the Bears trapped back on their own 5 yard line march down the field, moving chains forward all he way down the field. At that time I was able to see David Slay Goliath. I knew then that they were broken and the Bears were on their way to their 4th straight PA Championship and a record 63d consecutive win. IF OUR KIDS CAN STAND UP LIKE THIS AND MAKE US SO PROUD OF THEM, The least we can do is Mentor them and teach them that even though you have gone out and conquered what has been in front of you for your first 18 years, you now have 60 more to pepare for. RTR Mentoring is having a meeting on Monday the 17th. Most of you know about it. We are going into the school to Mentor the 7th - 9th graders at 9:00 on Tuesday and 10th - 12th immediately following. Your Support is still needed for those that played, those that didn't/don't, and both genders. Bear Pride!! More than just the TEAM TAF/RTR/CEO" (editor's note: the Bears were constantly referred to as Goliath and their opponent David, but the Dunmore line had players who were 6'7" and 245 lbs. while the Bears had one lineman at 215 lbs. The rest were smaller.)

Jim Wessell; major factor: Jim is the former Athletic Director at CHS. He has been a guest on a radio show that went worldwide and has posted game progress of every game on his Facebook page. Now that the run is done for the year Jim has compiled some statistics about the Bears streak, as follow: 

Numbers to think about for this Clairton Senior Class...
Overall Record: 63-1 (best 4 year record ever in PA)
WPIAL Playoff Record: 16-0
PIAA Playoff Record: 12-0
Overall Playoff Record: 28-0

WPIAL Championships: 4
PIAA Championships: 4

Total Points Scored: 2,825 (most ever in PA over a 4 year period)
Total Points Against: 311
Average score over 64 games: 44.141 - 4.859
Only team in PA history to score 600 or more points in 4 consecutive seasons
Only team in PA history to score 700 or more points in 3 consecutive seasons

Only WPIAL team to ever win 4 PIAA State Championships
Only WPIAL team to ever win 4 PIAA State Championships in a row
Only WPIAL team to ever appear in 5 consecutive State Championship games
Only the third team in PA history to win 4 PIAA State Championships in a row (Southern Columbia 5, Berwick 4)
Only the second team in WPIAL history to win 5 consecutive WPIAL Championships (Braddock 5)
Only WPIAL team to ever win 6 WPIAL Championships in 7 years

Longest WPIAL winning streak (63 games)
Longest PIAA winning streak ever (63 games)
Longest current National winning streak (63 games)
13th Longest winning streak ever in the History of High School Football in the United States

Ranked #1 in the PIAA in Class A (
Ranked #5 in the PIAA across all classes (
Ranked in the top 10 of small school teams in the Nation (
Ranked #145 in the Nation across all classes (

16 Seniors going on to college, at least 3 at the D-1 level

Clairton is 613-347-41 all-time

'Nuff said!

A little blogging music Maestro... "We Are the Champions," by Queen.

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