Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween? The Hell, you mean!

What's It All About, Punkie?
Tomorrow little folks will dress up in the best costumes money can buy and go door to door looking cute to the oooohs and aaahs of the neighborhood sugar pushers. Later that night it will become socially acceptable for men to dress in drag and Miss Goody Two-Shoes to dress as a harlot. This day of celebration is one of the oldest of holidays we celebrate. Mankind has always enjoyed being scared, as evidenced by the success of many of our politicians. In Roman days there was the Festival of Pomona, the Celts celt-abrated Samhain and Christians christened the Saints and Souls. Costumes were made from animal skins as folks generally debauched themselves.
Today we don't need an excuse for debauchery but we have maintained one more reason to dress and act silly, go off our diets, and generally get crazy. But once you get all those goodies home you must decide whether to eat at a little sensibly, or use Halloween as one more excuse for breaking the diet.
Nutririonists tell us to follow the advice of ancient wise men... "all things in moderation." Some tricks to help you do that is to start by thinking small - offer mini bars instead of full size candy bars, try to mix goodies with healthy foods, such as chocolate covered raisens, and try organic chololate.
Teachers have the good fortune of having all those little high energy kidlings who are hyoed up on pre-Halloween sugar and anxious to share what they plan to be when they hit the streets. Forget trying to introduce the Pathagorean therom on October 31, if you teach you might consider Halloween crossword puzzles, craft activities that include making something Holloween-themed, or a writing activity that includes the origins of the day and personalize it by having students tell of their past and present costumes. There are also reading materials that would be good choices for the day. One of my favorites for introducing kids to poetry is, "Scary Poems for Rotten Kids." Older kids might also enjoy the classic, "Headless Horseman."
Finally, a little Halloween humor for your planning pleasure: What is the circumference of a Jack 'o lantern? Pumpkin Pi. What is the opening line in a ghost's letter? Tomb it May Concern. And finally, where ghouls go for their vacation? Lake Eerie.
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