Friday, October 26, 2007

Makes Perfect Cents

"You'll Never Take Me Alive, Copper!"
A Senator has proposed the elimination of the penny. The U.S. standard copper coin since the 1700s may be doomed to go the way of the Buffalo Nickel and the Susan B. Anthony Dollar. Ah, what hath the Senator wrought?
The proposal is not without opposition. A coalition that calls itself "Americans for Common Cents" suggests that the penny is not only a valuable asset, but its elimination will amount to a "rounding up" tax, which will cost poor families $ 600 million each year. Sounds like a cop(per) out to me.
Should the penny be eliminated think of the consequences: "A nickel saved is a nickel earned?" How about, "Nickels from Heaven," or "It ain't worth one red dime?" Would carpenters then have to purchase 10-nickel nails? A sawbuck for your thoughts. How about "A half dollar saved is a half dollar earned?"
The business world would have to adjust, of course. What would become of J.C. Penney stores? "Five and Dime" is already taken as is "Dollar Store?" Would the stock exchange have to ban penny stocks?
And what of sports and entertainment? Could pro basketball give us Nickel Hardaway? Would the movie director become Peso Marshall? And will Clint Eastwood's "Will Penny" rise to inflation? Would you pay hard earned money to view the "Three Dime Opera?"
Don't think the animal world will escape. What will the skunk have if not it's (s)cent?
Well, maybe the time has come for an overhaul, to coin an issue. May the debate continue. A Sacagawea for your thoughts.
Dr. Forgot

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