Friday, December 14, 2007

Height of Stupid

Merry Christmas, Grinch

Americans have always treated their soldiers with love and respect. Even though many wars were unpopular among some camps, we have always agreed that the soldiers were not the ones to blame, protests in the 1960s being the exception. It is old fat men who send young fit soldiers to war. Such is the case with the warmongers who reside in Washington today and who, using phony evidence, put so many of our nation's finest at risk. The current administration has a laundry list of gaffes, errors, omissions and commissions that would far exceed the amount of space allotted here - from disappearing WMDs to "Mission Accomplished," to the Axis of Evil, the bumblers in office have continued to place innocents in harms way.

The harm that has been caused will not end for generations - that is how long it will take your children, grandchildren, and their children to pay for the middle east fiasco. Those soldiers who have avoided death and returned home carry physical and emotional scars that will remain with them for life. It is nearly impossible to calculate the damage done to humankind in the form of physical and mental cost because of the incapacities of injured soldiers. This war is not being faught by professional soldiers but by citizen soldiers who have been ripped from their often productive jobs and returned as near-hollow images of their former selves. It is the common person who suffers, not the fat and pompous asses who send the young people to fight.

Despite the goofs and faux pas by the administration the average American has found many ways to support their troops. Organizations celebrate the soldiers when they leave and when they return (at least for those who are able to return in something other than a coffin). Yellow ribbons grace neighborhood trees, families are given moral support by communities and cards and letters of encouragement and hope are sent to soldiers serving overseas. Such concern is important to members of the armed forces, especially at times of the year that are considered family times such as the Christmas holiday season.

A Texas woman decided to send Christmas cards to soldiers who had been wounded. She did not have anybody in particular in mind, just a "thank you" and well wishes to those who had sacrificed in military service. She addressed her cards to any American soldier. But she was stifled. Seems that mail sent to unnamed or anonymous soldiers is forbidden lest some crank send one that is offensive. Huh?

Add one more "Humbug" to those in charge - the same folks who criticize war opponents as being unpatriotic prohibit those who have been wounded in combat from getting well wishes. Fear is a great tool to control the masses. The current administration are masters of doing so. But this instance is just one more incidence of "Stupid is as stupid does."

Dr Forgot

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