Saturday, December 1, 2007

Las Vegas Marathon

No Streaking on the Strip

The 2007 Las Vegas Marathon is scheduled to be run and walked Sunday. The weather promises to be cold, which is a relative term. The low 60s might feel a bit chilly if you live in San Diego, but downright pleasant if you hail from New England. But if you are one of the 18,000 or so who traveled to the Valley of the Dollars for the weekend in order to run, I hope you have a good time. A marathon is way too much exercise for me.

The Boston marathon is famous, as is the New York City Marathon. Las Vegas is small change by their standards, but Las Vegas has its unique marathon features. The race is kicked off with the help of a fireworks display and 4,000 volunteers line the 26 mile route to hand out water, render first aid and provide what ever it is marathon runners need. Several entertainers will take part in the run including members of the Blue Man Group as well as cast members from the many Circus de Soliel shows and other dancers and performers.

That got me to thinking. Is there a marathon in Boise? And if so do the runners include potatoes? What about the Boston marathon? Are runners fed baked beans for energy and additional speed? Ok, let's not go there. But what about Washington D.C.? Do politicians run for more than just election results? And how can they run 26 miles with their hands in their own pockets when they are so used to having them in the pockets of the public? Does the Pittsburgh marathon require runners to have steel-toed shoes?

The Las Vegas Marathon will start and end on the Strip but it will begin at 6 a.m. when most serious gamblers and partiers will jest be getting to bed. The famous Las Vegas Strip will be closed to auto traffic for most of the race so the drunks will have to find another venue to run into each other.

Runners come from around the world. Some are actually professionals whose job it is to run marathons. The winner can benefit more than by hitting three sevens on a quarter slot machine. Last year's winner ran away with $ 65,000. Not bad for a quick 26 mile jog. Of course, the other 17,999 people who don't win the race get to soak their bunions in hot water after the race. But at least they can catch a few shows and maybe hit a jackpot or two. A little marathon music maestro.... how about "I'm walking to New Orleans."

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