Saturday, December 15, 2007

Weekend Summary

Say Ahhhhhh Sh*#

Dox Outfoxed: In a recent post we told you about abuse of J-1 doctors. They are doctors who are in the US on a special visa which qualifies them for a green card in exchange for working in areas of the state that are medically at risk. Seems like their masters, uh, I mean sponsors, who had total control over their lives during the two year period found ways to cheat and overwork them. And like so many other immigrants who fear being expelled from the country, the Docs just took it. The Las Vegas Sun newspaper exposed the scam, it was investigated and guess what? The abusers escaped any punishment. Chalk up another "typical politician" move.

More on Politics: The hottest soap opera includes Oprah, Rude Rudy, and plenty of other wannabe presidential candidates. Not so sure it was a good idea to start campaigning so far in advance. Several shining stars have fizzled and "Who the Heck is Huck?" has surpassed Huck Finn in popularity. Hill might have said, "Oh Hell when America's most popular woman said, "Oh... BAM!" Mitt has pulled out his kit to try to repair religious bigotry and the pundits seem to have said to the cigarette company whacker, "Sorry Charlie." Finally, it looks like it takes something other than a deep voice, a cute wife, and comparisons to an ex-Teflon president to score enough points to matter in this race. Who knows? Maybe next year will be "Happy Newt Year."

Ride the 'Roids: A recent announcement by the baseball head honcho that steroids are (gasp) being used by pro athletes is shocking. In fact, it is about as shocking as the head detective's reaction in "Casablanca" when told that illegal activities might be going on in his city. Hey guys, teeny tiny players who could not hit the ball past the pitchers mound suddenly became home run sluggers. And the media blamed it on, what? Balls being 'juiced?" Seems like the players were juiced, and I don't mean a mixture of orange and grapefruit. Here's a clue: when everyday guys and gals start recklessly breaking records, somebody has to make them pee in a bottle for more than marijuana testing.

And Finally for a while: We are taking a short trip to the earthquake state. You know, the place where San Andreas once said, "That's not my fault." Our posts will resume next Tuesday. In the meantime, maestro, how about a few lines of "I'll be seeing you..."

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