Friday, March 21, 2008

The Law Won

Every Snowflake in an Avalanche Pleads Not Guilty

Who, Me? Uh, uh. Well, Maybe. Ok, I did it: We’ve all heard the old saw that nobody in prison is innocent. Sometimes it proves to be true. DNA analysis and student lawyers often research old cases to determine if “the lady doth protest too much” or if the criminal is guilty. We hear about the few that are overturned but rarely about the guilty.

Is justice delayed really justice denied?: We often hear of somebody who committed a crime but somehow escaped the long arm of the law for years or even decades then is captured. Sara Jane Olsen became caught up in the SLA – a radical group from the 1970s. But she apparently discovered the error of her ways, changed her name, and lived a model life for 24 years before being caught and sentenced. A man from Las Vegas was convicted for a crime and walked away and lived life on the lam as an ideal husband and father for decades before being found out. If the purpose of prison is to rehabilitate and somebody is becomes a model citizen outside the prison gates, who wins?

Peek-a-boo, I see you: An old joke tells about professional skier Picabo (pronounced “Peek-a-boo”) Street donating a hospital wing that was named in her honor – Peek-a-boo ICU. But real peekers have sneaked into the personal files of presidential candidates. Passportgate broke this morning when it was revealed that several workers had spied into passport files of Barack Obama as many as three times. Another, proving he was a fair if unbalanced peeping Tom also scanned the files of Senator McCain. Hillary Clinton’s files were compromised. It reminds me of the Richard Nixon line when he said he knew he would be under a microscope while serving but did not expect to be examined by a proctoscope.

Smoke ‘em or smash ‘em: Las Vegas is said to have some of the most bizarre drivers anywhere. One reason might be due to the fact that everybody drives by the rules back home. But today the pipe dream of a trucker became a pipe nightmare for commuters. Seems that a semi hauling pipes was minding its own business in I-15 when some hibilly ran into it causing the truck to depipe. Result? 14 vehicles involved in six crashes. That’s some piping!

Quick! Think of Las Vegas: What is first thing that comes to mind? Lights. All those lights. One can read a newspaper at midnight. But somebody blew a fuse, or more accurately a transformer, that thrust four major hotels into electric limbo. Elevators stopped, lights went out, and most importantly, slot machines stopped spinning. Well, maybe not the slots. But at 8:00 p.m. or so until 9:30 we were reminded that we really are a desert community dependent on electricity.

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