Monday, March 24, 2008

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A Leading Authority Has Guessed Right Once

Bang, Bang... Whoops: From the “Post- 9/11 Genius Ideas” department comes the one from Usless Air – er, U.S. Airways. Seems that the panic driven rule that allows pilots to carry guns onboard planes, uh, backfired when a gun went off in the cockpit of a plane. The U.S. Airways flight was bound from Denver to Charlotte and had 124 passengers on board. Nobody was injured except for the pride of the pistol packing pilot. Officials say it was a full flight but full of what? We’ve not yet heard from the NRA but I’m sure the response will be something like, “Pilots don’t blow out windows in airplanes, guns do.”

Tums and Rolaids won’t fix this gas problem: Pain at the pump can be felt throughout the U.S. A few weeks ago I was in the San Diego suburb of La Jolla and the Union 76 station on the main drag posted full service premium gas at $ 4.99 per gallon. Was that a gouge or harbinger of things to come? Average gas prices this weekend topped $ 3.40 per gallon in some states. Tipsters tell us how to ease the pain: stay away from stations in ritzy hoods, avoid stations that are also repair shops or car washes, buy Wednesday morning and use wholesale club gas pumps. Oh, and how about driving less?

Sounds like, “I am not a crook”: Kwame Kilpatrick, that lover-boy mayor of Motown insists he will be exonerated. He and an aide were charged with perjury and obstruction of justice. Prosecutors say that sexually explicit text messages between the two may have been sugar sweet but lying about them in sworn testimony was perjury. Poor Kwame. All around him are people who spew hate and they do not get into trouble. But try a little loving and BAM! Your career is in jeopardy. Perhaps he can get an attorney referral or seek advice about how to handle the situation from Eliot Spitzer.

Sad day in Paradise: Few things are sadder than the loss of a loved one. Over the weekend the Paradise Animal Hospital in Las Vegas burned. The fire was so intense that rescuers were unable to save a single pet during the midnight inferno. One can only imagine the grief of pet owners whose pets were recovering from illnesses or being boarded during the holiday weekend. Everything was destroyed but if the owners are able to reconstruct their client list they should send each owner a letter of sympathy and include perhaps a gift certificate from the animal shelter and a gift card for future services.

Rrrrr-eeee-bbbb-eelllsss: The chant of the UNLV athletic teams was born during the Harvey Hyde football days. It has since been adopted by nearly every other UNLV sport and was heart during the March Madness tournament. Hats off to a ragtag group that the national media continually referred to as “Two walk-ons and a former air conditioner repairman.” Hats off to Coach Lon Kruger as well for bringing out the teams character rather than having to clean up after a bunch of characters.

A little blogging music Maestro… From the Rebel fight song, “U-N-L-V, UNLV Go Fight Win.”

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