Monday, June 2, 2008

From Tatum O to Bo

Dead Batteries Are Always Free of Charge

A Crack in the Paper Moon: Little Tatum O’Neal was the darling of the movies when she won an Oscar for starring with Daddy Ryan as a 10 year old orphan in the movie Paper Moon. She’s now all grown up at age 44 but still suffers the problems of so many who have so much. She even wrote a book about her addictions a few years ago in which she touted her long road to sobriety. She apparently fell off the wagon as she was busted making a buy from a crack dealer. Could be time for another book.

FLDS Kids go to Prairie Home Companions: Looks like those ladies with the bouffant hairdos, the high top black shoes and prairie dresses will be getting their offspring returned. At least they’ll receive somebody’s offspring since DNA tests haven’t shown who was doing what with whom. Judge Baba Wawa, the law west of the Pecos and not the newscaster, told authorities to give the kids back. After the Wacko Waco incident and now this debacle, it goes to show you they do things big in Texas.

Take Me to Your Ladder, I’ll See Your Leader Later: Putting a man on Mars is a tall order. Of course, so was putting a man on the moon when President Kennedy predicted we’d do so within a decade – which we did. But what of the long, boring trip for the passengers. I mean, the toilet broke on the Space Station and it took a while for the “Toilet Repairs Are Us” crew to fly in replacement parts. What if the not-so-royal flush occurs between the Green light planet (Venus) and the Red Planet (Mars)? Your neighborhood plumber’s snake won’t reach that far. Dr. Robert. Durbin, president of the Mars Society suggests baking bread and other collegial activities will reduce stress in space. But he does not address the issue of a crappy crapper.

Me, me, me. Everybody look at me: Hillary Clinton, the Narcissist Queen continues to revel in the TV face time. She’s even made a star out of nerd-in-residence and chief advisor Harold Ickes who launched a foul-mouthed tirade over not getting his way when his committee voted for the other guy this weekend. The Billary-Ickes, poor uneducated old white woman coalition continues to pound their drum to the delight of the media and the other party. Not only are media ratings soaring, some say the living dead flap will cause a scorched earth result. That’s when the parties involved kill each other off. Nobody wins. But until then there is plenty of camera face time.

He who don’t know Bo, don’t know Diddley: Bo Diddley was a musician that was emulated by teen boys throughout America in the 50s and 60s. His music was like nothing our parents had ever heard and was along the same rebellious lines as that of Elvis. His unique style and rectangular guitar were copied by many. Bo recently passed away at age 79. In his honor we say, “Heaven is now a cooler place.”

A little blogging music Maestro... “I’m a Man” by Bo Diddley.

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