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My Computer Can Beat Me At Chess, But Not Kickboxing

Home is where, when you go there they have to take you in: It was a beautiful and restful two weeks on the left coast. Aside from a few days with temperatures in the 90s they were mostly in the 60s and low 70s. There is something about the beach. People love it and as the realtors remind us, “They ain’t making any more of it.” Housing prices are still ridiculous on and near the beach. Very few choices exist, even condos with a view, for less than $ 1 million. And yes, I’, among the legions who say, “If only.” When I first visited Coronado Island, for example, condos were just starting to be built on the sand next to the famed del Coronado Hotel. Prices started at $ 47,000. Today those same condos start at more than $ 2 million. But that is all behind me now, literally, as I’m soaking up the Las Vegas sunshine, all 109 degrees of it.

Left Coast North: The San Diego area has been pretty much fire free thus far this season – although the season has not yet begun to fry. The northern part of the state has been a different story. Nearly 600 square miles have been ablaze at one time or another in 1,500 different separate incidents. Governor Terminator is taking heat from the fireworks company over his statement asking residents to not purchase fireworks this year. However much we like to find culprits in such circumstances the finger must this time be pointed at Mother Nature. Less than average rainfall has resulted in parched conditions. Lightning strikes are blamed for starting the Hell on Earth.

Of Generals, Pundits, and Politicians: Some from the Demo side are saying to Repubs, “You can dish it out but you can’t take it.” The reference is to the morally bankrupt group who named themselves “Swiftboat Veterans” and poisoned the well of information regarding John Kerry’s heroic military service during the last presidential election. In the more recent battle of the blowhards, General Wesley Clark opined that while Senator McCain is a war hero and has traveled worldwide, “He hasn’t held executive responsibility.” The other side screamed like so many hungry piglets. They blame Senator Obama for Clark’s comments and cry foul. The fact remains however that General Clark honored McCain’s service to his country, but questioned whether his service and lack of direct command experience qualifies him any more than Senator Obama’s experience. Clark does bring up a legitimate question regarding the executive responsibility that has been implied but not defined.

Auditioned for Mr. America. Lost my citizenship: Very few of us have the bodies of Victoria’s Secret or Hanes Mens Underwear models. The closest some of us come to looking like a million dollars is being all green and wrinkled. Some of us are so thin we could model for a zipper company if we turn sideways and stick out our tongue. Others resemble the original Pillsbury Doughboy. But regardless of what our bodies look like in this life, there is an opportunity to pose nude in the next life. Many people who believe their bodies should be dissected, preserved and displayed are signing up to give over their corpses to Body World, the group that provides exhibits of bodies. Thus far more than 8,600 people have signed up. Donors for dollars!

Reese’s Pieces aren’t among these Mars Bars: Ever since I can remember the planet Mars has held a special fascination with Earthlings. Science fiction stories usually set there. It held a certain romance. Who ever wanted to fight little green men from Uranus? Getting there was purely the flight of fantasy. But just as we were able to loose our bonds from Earth to land on the moon, so have we been successful to land a craft on Mars. Residue that has been scooped and analyzed has given us a sense of the look, feel, taste, and smell of the Red Planet. Alas, another fantasy destroyed. The Martian dirt is similar to that in our backyard, except for the moles and worms of course. In fact, the report found nothing toxic, which places the quality of life on Mars ahead of Love Canal, Chernobyl, and several other Earth locations. Soon dictionaries might have to change the definition of “Out of this World.”

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