Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mid Term Exam - Part II

If you think there is no prayer in school, stop by during exams

Mid Term Summer School Exams: In case you had to make up some work in summer school you know this is mid-term exam week. So we will join all the other dummies for our current events exam:

Section 2 – the Current Events:

1.Who has the inside track for the Democratic Vice Presidency?
a. Sean Hannity
b. ABH (Anybody but Hillary)
c. Rush Limbaugh
d. Nicholas Sarkozy (French President)

2. What was discovered after California’s 5.4 earthquake?
a. Judge Judy’s bunker
b. A new “Rock and Roll” video
c. Lootings and muggings continued as normal
d. Vegas hotels now boast beachfront property

3. Which is the most viable Republican VP candidate?
a. Keith Olbermann
b. Bob Dole
c. Cindy McCain
d. Somebody ready to go on Day 2

4. To build and keep a fortune one must:
a. Invest in an IRA
b. Search for a high interest rate
c. Prospect in search of a gold mine
d. Become a Senator in Alaska

5. The newest hot location of eternal rest is:
a. Happy Gardens
b. Fred’s mausoleum and delicatessen
c. Boot Hill
d. An airliner restroom

6. The news that caused the most panic this week was:
a. The L.A. earthquake
b. Fires in the Bay area
c. Another salmonella outbreak
d. Miley Cyrus might quit Hannah Montana

7. Sen. Obama had his biggest love fest with:
a. The Germans
b. The President of France
c. The Israelis
d. The American News Media

8. Sen. Obama traveled to Europe aboard:
a. Virgin Atlantic
b. U. S. Airways
c. Delta Airlines
d. O Force One

9. Senator McCain’s release of 1,200 pages of medical records:
a. Show he’s healthy
b. Show he’s physically fit
c. Show he has no addiction problems
d. Was the first of 30 chapters

10. The Supreme Court’s pro gun decision resulted in:
a. An NRA membership increase
b. Safer streets
c. More shooting ranges
d. Dick Cheney peppering his neighbor with buckshot

That’s the midterm boys and girls. Hope you studied.

A little blogging music Maestro... “High School Never Ends” by Bowling for Soup.

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