Monday, July 28, 2008

Mid Term Exam

Don’t Try to Lose weight; It Always Finds You

Mid Term Summer School Exams: In case you had to make up some work in summer school you know this is mid-term exam week. So we will join all the other dummies for our current events exam:

Section 1 – Current Events:

1. What movie did Senator Obama live out last week?
a. Batman
b. Tron
c. It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
d. If it is Tuesday This Must be Iraq

2. What was the Republican’s favorite foreign phrase last week?
a. Que sera sera
b. Mama Mia!
c. Como esta usted
d. Ich bin ein Beginner

3. Which is the closest visit to Sen. Obama’s birthplace?
a. The Iraqi oil fields
b. The Berlin Wall
c. The Jordanian palace
d. A manger in Bethlehem

4. What did Rudy Guiliani’s son lose this week?
a. His allowance
b. His hair
c. His secret service status
d. His lifetime membership to the Duke Miniature Golf Assn.

5. If Senator Obama loses the presidential election he will become:
a. Unemployed
b. A senior senator
c. The Mayor of Chicago
d. Chancellor of Germany

6. To offset the trip to Europe coverage, Sen. McCain:
a. Took a nap
b. Announced that airport security had arrested the Thief of Bagdad
c. Boycotted the airlines
d. Had French toast at Denny’s

7. Sen. McCain greeted the Dalai Lama with:
a. Your Holiness
b. Your Highness
c. Your Grace
d. Hello Dalai

8. When 200,000 screaming Germans greeted Sen. Obama:
a. Hearing was impossible
b. Seventeen German girls fainted
c. An accordion played, “Hail to the Chief”
d. France surrendered

9. Senator McCain’s thoughts on a vice presidential candidate:
a. Rudy – too many exes
b. Newt – ditto
c. Mitt – too young
d. Tim Pawlenty – Who?

10. When oil dropped under $ 125 a barrel the White House said:
a. “Told you so”
b. “See. We threatened do explore in the U.S.”
c. “Ahh, a return to cheap oil”
d. “We’ve got to bail out those poor struggling oil companies.”

That’s the mid term boys and girls. We’ll send you your results.

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