Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weekend Summary

The Enemy is Not Liberalism nor Conservatism – it is B.S.

Pardon, your Slip is Showing: Senator John McCain has become a familiar face on the campaign trail by now, as has his beautiful and rich wife Cindy. The good senator claimed in his 2002 memoir that he was separated from his first wife Carol before dating the dashing Cindy. Carol, a former model who had endured her husband’s captivity with grace, reared their three children, and suffered a tragic auto accident, said she had no idea Senator McClinton was two-timing her. MoniCindy claims she pursued him. Seems the Officer and Gentleman fibbed a bit. In the divorce papers he admitted he and his honey-bunny were “cohabitating” for the nine months he claimed to have been true blue – like the states he wants to turn red, as in his face, at being caught in a loverly lie. But compared to the sexploits of Bill Clinton, the Noodle Gingrich, and Bathroom Boy Larry Craig, this war hero’s peccadillo is chump change.

We mourn their passing: Just one month since the world lost a giant in the political analysis arena, Tim Russert, Tony Snow passed way. After earning his stripes as a newscaster with the so-called mainstream media, he moved to Fox News then became press secretary for President Bush. Though he mingled with some who mangled and slanted the news, he always was credible in his presentation. We’ve also just learned that Dr. Michael DeBakey, pioneer of heart surgery and transplantation, has passed away. He was born just five years after Teddy Roosevelt took office and was 99 at the time of his passing. A moment of silence to recognize the passing of these giants.

Far from Iraq but nearly as dangerous: The California wildfires – there have been well over 2,000 thus far - now have the National Guard to try to quell them. The first of 400 Guardsmen to be deployed to fight the fire include several who’ve seen enemy fire in the Middle East. Although the heat is similar to the 115+ in Iraq and the task can be dangerous, the fire does not shoot back or plant IEDs. Also the families of the soldiers are happy that their deployment is close to home. Morale is higher than the temperatures. This is a war worth fighting.

Can you hear me now?: The newest iPhone, the G3, was introduced Friday by Apple. Still only available on the AT&T network the much anticipated souped-up superphone had lines of people waiting to purchase it. However those who skipped a patty-melt lunch for the launch of the info-laden listening device were treated to a meltdown instead. Thousands of proud new owners found themselves blowing into the microphone and asking, “Is this thing on?” Employees politely told customers to take their phone and shove it out the front door. Activation could not be completed at stores due to a global glitch and they had to sell, sell, sell. The new iPhone is faster, more powerful and does tons of things the old one does not – including work properly. It reminds me of the man who bought an expensive watch that was waterproof, dustproof, sang in 33 different languages, worked in 20 fathoms of water, was accurate to a millisecond – and he lost it.

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