Monday, August 18, 2008

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Give me Liberty or a Jelly Donut

Helps build strong bodies several ways: One of the staples of life in the 1950s and 1960s was a two-parent family that had dinner together. My how society has changed. Breakfast on the run in the car with a Starbucks triple mocha latte grande and a giant slice of New York coffee cake. No hands on the wheel. Lunch is a tube steak (uh, that’s a hot dog for you rookies) from the gut wagon that stops outside your place of employment. Dinner? Grilled chicken and rice, but you’re eating alone. The kids grabbed a burger and fries on their way to meet their buds. What dummies! No, really. Research shows that kids who eat sit down family meals at least once per day have higher grade point averages, are better adjusted, and are less likely to experiment with drugs. Bon apetite.

FOX News – Fair, Balanced, and made up: Last night Mrs. Dr. Forgot was watching Fox News. The story was about a dam breach and flood in the Grand Canyon. BREAKING NEWS! A high speed chase in upstate New York. Speeds in excess of 130 mph. The driver was identified as CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. Mrs. Dr. Forgot replayed the clip and sure enough that was the story. There is no verification. No news media, not even Fox has posted the story anywhere. The story must have been a hoax. Since the tag line “All the News That’s Fit to Print” is already taken, perhaps Fox News can run theirs as “We Outrage the Tabloids.”

Tag on your car and I’ll follow you anywhere: Each winter Olympics the story goes around about Picabo (pronounced Peek-a-boo) Street. She was injured in a ski accident but the hospital patched her up good as new. As a thank you, goes the story, she paid for an entire new emergency unit, which was named Picabo ICU. Cops in Fairfax VA must have heard the story and gotten the bright idea to attach a GPS (global positioning system) to cars of suspected bad guys. They tagged a GPS to the bumper of a van owned by a convicted rapist after 11 rapes were reported in his neighborhood. Result: GPS worked, rapist caught, lawyer objected because it was done without first getting a warrant. The left side of my brain says we need to be cautious about compromising our rights to privacy especially in view of the abuses by the current administration. The right side of me says, “One more bad guy off the streets.” ‘Tiz a puzzlement.

Nonsense and Sensibility: Don’t think we’ve forgotten that this is the political silly season. Democrats take the lead on this one. Since John Edwards got outed regarding his affair with his videographer (wait until we see THOSE sex tapes) he will be a persona non grata at the Demo convention in Denver. No speakers with a sordid sex history for these Demos. The Edwards the speech slot instead will be given to Bill Clinton! Off to the right you have Mitt Romney. Is it just me or does he look like the picture that comes in the frame? There is also some discussion that Mitt might have been the model on the “Just For Men” hair products. Mitt would balance the Republican ticket. None of his five sons served in the military but John McCain has served longer than any five candidates’ kids combined. Senator McCain also announced his economic plan to wipe out the deficit – he’ll put it all on his wife’s gold card.

Just when you thought the worst was over: Ah, things have been starting to look up on the economic front. Gas prices hit a three month low, stock markets were up more than down last week, T. Boone Pickens was getting windy in a good way. Perhaps the current administration is not as bad as the opposition had portrayed them. Or not. Well, oil slumped again down another dollar per barrel. But economists suggests that is just the “normaling out” of a market that had been fueled (pun intended) by speculators. Fuel is precarious and can be impacted by so many disasters including the storm in Florida. Oil’s loss has been the bond market’s gain but as the price of oil seems to be settling experts are predicting a dive in the bond market. Hershey stock is down ten percent as the price of chocolate increases the outlook is bittersweet. At least there is plenty of hot air to keep T. Boone’s windmills turning.

Won’t you take a ride in my beautiful balloon: Many of us can remember a time in the not too distant past when flying was a first class operation. We used to get dressed up just to board the plane. Food was served on cloth napkins and real silverware and silver salt and pepper shakers were the rule in First Class. A menu gave you several choices of cuisine. Even coach had warm meals decent legroom. My how times have changed. Off came the jackets and ties in favor of jeans, shorts, and tee shirts. Low fare airlines became the Greyhound of the sky. Then it got worse. Food disappeared. Charges were added to everything from free water to pillows and blankets. Delays, sultry cabin attendants, rude passengers, and barroom brawl boarding procedures replaced the once regal way of travel. Brace yourself. It’s going to get worse. Fewer flights, higher fares, reduced service, and fewer employees are all strategies airlines are using to keep profitable. How about this for a strategy? Improve service and legroom and raise prices so that only those who can afford it will fly. Passengers will probably dress up and be treated royally. Déjà vu!

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