Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thrill of Victory

Beijing 2008; Lip Synching Chinese

One World, One Dream – Tibet Not Included: China has put on quite a display for the world as they’ve hosted the Olympics. Opening ceremonies were fantastic despite the lip-synching youngster. She may well grow up to be Brittany Spears. President Bush seemed to enjoy the festivities as well as any lame Peking duck. He was finally able to find an American Weapon of Mass Destruction in the swimming pool – Michael Phelps. There is no word if President Bush was able to look into China President Hu Jintao’s soul, but while he was searching, "Glad Vlad" Putin sent Russian troops into Georgia. Bush’s response, “Why would anybody invade a sovereign nation that posed no threat?” That is exactly what the Iraqis were asking six years ago.

Is it over yet?: The excitement of the Opening Ceremonies has abated. The gold medal quest by U.S. swimmers and gymnasts has passed. Even beach volleyball girls in their itsy bitsy teeny weenie USA painted-on bikinis have hung gold on their near-naked bodies, ho-hum. A sure sign that it is time for the games to end is when you’ve memorized the Yugoslavian national anthem. Also, the interviews with Chinese locals are starting to make sense before the translations. In fact, one reader sent us a mini version of an English/Chinese dictionary. We’ve reprinted in the event that London chooses not to host the next Olympics and they revert back to the Birds Nest.


That’s not right. (Sum ting wong)

I see somebody. (Hu Yu Hai Ding)

See me ASAP. (Kum Hia Nau)

Stupid American. (Dum Do Do)

Small Horse. (Tai Ni Po Ni)

Were you at Beach? (Wai Yu So Tan)

Bump coffee table. (Ai Ding Mai Ne)

You need facelift. (Chin Tu Fat)

It’s dark in here. (Wai So Dim)

Are you dieting? (Wai Yu Mun Ching)

Loading zone. (No Pa King)

You’re too early. (Wai Yu Kum Nao)

Staying hidden. (Lai Ying Lo)

Cleaning new auto. (Wa Shing Ka)

You need deodorant. (Yu Stin Ki Pu)

Great, fantastic. (Aw Sum, Su Pa)

A little blogging music Maestro... Opening Ceremony, “Hymn to the Motherland,” by the little girl who wasn’t there.

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