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When bailout bill pork is less sweet, more sour: As of this writing the House has not voted on the bailout bill but the Senate passed it 75-24. The passage in the Senate went forward despite the citizenry reportedly registering opposition by as much as 200-1 AGAINST the bill. This was several days after the Senate passed a similar bill which flunked the House causing the revote. But before the revote the bill was “whored up” with pork and concessions to the House members who had originally voted against it. The pork included a tax break for the company in Oregon that makes children’s arrows (Section 502), $ 223 million in tax breaks for Alaskan fishermen (Section 503 – six pages), $ 128 million in tax relief for manufacturers of race tracks for NASCAR states (Section 317), $ 10 million in tax breaks for TV and movie producers ( Section 502), and other tax cuts and pork including Virgin Island and Puerto Rican Rum (Section 308), American Samoa (Sec. 309), Mine Rescue Teams (Sec. 310), Mine Safety Equipment (Sec. 311), Domestic Production Activities in Puerto Rico (Sec. 312), Indian Tribes (Sec. 314, 315), Railroads (Sec. 316), District of Columbia (Sec. 322), and Wool Research (Sec. 325) will add more than $ 100 BILLION to the bailout bill.

If not blatant corruption, then accidental corruption: My faith in all serving members of Congress is at an all time low. Of the presidential candidates I believe Senator Obama will do less harm if he lives up to his promises to operate counter to the tactics and decisions of the current administration. His lack of experience is a two-edge sword – it is true that he has been in the Senate for a limited period of time, but that seems to be an asset given the above-mentioned fiasco as part of a systemic failure. I would rather have a person who graduated at the top of his class and a vice president who has endured personal hardship rather than a president who boasts that he graduated fourth from the bottom of his class and a vice president who offers style rather than substance. Hence although my leanings are toward Senator Obama I still encourage all Americans to vote for the candidate of their choice for the presidency.

Dirt, scum, grime, and puke can be washed away by RAIN: To review my comments from yesterday’s post, “As one who has lived in the desert for the past half century I can tell you that nothing is so fresh as the air and ground after a good rainstorm. In the desert they are often referred to as “gully-washers,” and they take with them everything in their path. Street grime is gone. Chocking dust is washed away. Everything that impedes progress becomes so much flotsam that rolls downhill and into a lake. Of course, some items of value are lost as well but the calm after the storm allows for rebuilding a stronger and better place than had existed before. With that thought in mind I will offer a solution to the Washington corruption and call it RAIN. Be sure to read my next post but in the meantime remember what your Congress has done for/to you.”

RAIN and how can it change America: From this day forward, I am promoting a campaign I will call RAIN, an acronym for Remove All Incumbents Now. My plan is for every voter to go to the polls November 4 and vote AGAINST ALL INCUMBENTS. If you feel that somebody in office has done you or your community a favor and therefore vote for him/her, you are indirectly perpetuating the very crony system in Washington that has caused the mess our country is in today. If the nation rises up and votes against all incumbents, the only ones to escape will be those whose term is not up this fall. That will leave a core of people who have some level of stability. BY following the RAIN plan there is also the risk that a few crackpots will be elected. To that I say, there are probably more than a few crackpots who will be thrown out!

But the new politicians may also become corrupt: By removing all incumbents and cleansing the Congress of those who are addicted to money, fame and power at the expense of their constituency, a message will be sent to those remaining few who have been lucky enough that their terms did not expire this election – that they had better change their ways and govern as the founding fathers had intended. Some new electees might be smitten by the drug of fame and power but strong oversight of their activities with regular reports will give the electors an opportunity to evaluate them each time their term expires – something the American public has been lax in doing to date, which in part has led us here.

Other bits of tid: Many other tidbits must go into reframing our system of government including banning ousted solons to become lobbyists for a period of time, limiting the types of gifts and favors lobbyists are permitted to give to serving Congressmen and a host of others. These are issues that can be addressed at another time in another forum. For now, please pass this information to every voter, much like the one-sided political emails are forwarded to your mailing list. This is a non-partisan, grassroots effort to change America.

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