Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday's Follies

Laziness is the mother of all vices. Respect your mother.

Windfall or Perfect Storm: Ok, let’s see if I’ve got this straight. I have to switch from Rice-a-Roni to stale baloney because Sam clubbed those who bought too much rice. I have to cancel my dinner delivery because the cost of pizza has skyrocketed blowing it out of my budget and even if I could afford the pizza I’d be unable to go pick it up because gas process are so high it would cost more to drive there than the cost of the pizza. Farmers are still being paid not to grow crops but our corn supply has dwindled due to ethanol production. Meantime corn prices are also climbing, as are bread, milk, pouty, beef, fish and all other staple prices. I’ll have to cancel my summer vacation because I can’t afford the increased airline ticket prices. The Iraq war is costing us billions which we don’t have so we must borrow it from China and the housing market is still in the toilet. But our president announced today that we will be receiving our $ 600 tax rebate sooner than expected. Whoopee!

Dead heat for a deadbeat: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are reported to be in a dead heat in the Indiana Democratic primary. But the Clinton campaign is reportedly in trouble financially. The most recent filing with the Federal Election showed Hillary with $ 9 million in assets and $ 10 million in debt. The debt does not include another $ 5 million loan from her and Bill to the campaign. Not including the $ 5 million goes against standard reporting practice, as Mitt Romney listed his $ 42 million loan from himself to his campaign. But fuzzy math extends to Hillary’s counting of popular votes, making her unpopular with the Obamites. Some reports Some reports have the Clinton campaign in debt to fired spin master Mark Penn to the tune of another $ 10 million. I hope she can balance the U.S. budget better than her campaign budget.

Cal Berkeley Grad Student Twitters: Teens and ‘tweens know everything there is to know about technology. Problem with your computer? Ask your kid or grandkid. Want to program your phone to play “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” when it rings? Ditto. Not sure of the difference between Face Book and your checkbook? The teen will show you that you don’t need a checkbook any longer if you bill pay online. So when Berkeley grad student J.K. Buck learned how to “twitter” on his cell phone, i.e. send short email messages. So when he got busted in Egypt he “twittered” a one-word message: “Arrested.” The message sailed from Egypt to Berlely and back and got him released. Ain’t that thweet?

Silver Anniversary becomes Golden at Nugget: For a quarter century Hawaiian Tropic sun screen has held a Miss Hawaiian Tropic International Model Search. Guess where it will be held this year? The downtown Golden Nugget hotel is where the silver anniversary will go Golden. Last year’s winner hailed from Estonia. The event will include a performance by the band Everclear. This is one campaign from which Demos, Repubs, and Indys can take a lesson.

A little blogging music Maestro... Anything by Everclear.

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