Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Money Makes the World Go Round

The Buck Doesn’t Even Slow Down Here

We Have All the Money We Need For Life: Provided we die tomorrow. When Europe first rolled out the Euro there were hues and cries that it was a mere pittance against the mighty Dollar. At one point it was worth around 80 cents. My how the worm, if not the Euro, has turned – it is now worth $ 1.60. That means it will cost $ 1.60 to buy one Euro. Since Euros are probably not the preferred currency in your neighborhood Wal-Mart, 99-cent store, or even Starbucks that economic fact might not make you quiver. The British Pound is worth nearly U.S. $ 2.00. If you’re planning a European trip, brace yourself.

Spiritual Fruits & Religious Nuts: The Pope is Roamin’ the streets of D.C. Papal representatives stress that this is not a political trip. Right! How many other dignitaries have been picked up at the airport by the President? The Pontiff’s visit to White House during the season of presidential campaigning has caused some pundits to wonder if the goal is to make His Holiness an honorary Republican. The so–called “Catholic vote” typically goes to the Democratic candidate. Some say the timing of the visit changes the White House motto from “In God We Trust,” to an election year, “In Pope We Hope.”

Getting Hot Under the Collar: Between visits with the Pope and other White House visitors President Bush finally has taken a pro-active stance on global warming and the greenhouse effect. I’m not sure if that means he now is in line with almost President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore. After years of belittling the presidency-loser-by-a-chad, the Bushman has now done a “Whoops. My bad.” Perhaps this is a signal that the soon to be exy Prexy will rethink some of his other positions like stem cell research.

Rollin’ the Dice ‘n Doin’ His Ricin: Dateline Las Vegas. Usually getting busted in Vegas means you either got too many cards at the 21 table or the slots ate your last quarter. But today, 2 ½ months after Ricin was discovered in his room the Feds announced that the puffed Ricin man who rented the room is sooooo busted. Other cluse from the room included a “Ricin for Dummies” equivalent book that showed how to cook up various poisons. Cooking Ricin crispies can not only get you in hot water but get you up to 30 years in the hoosegow. If the concoction kills its creator, as this one nearly did, the sentence is waived.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: has released the five most commonly told lies by employees. They include: “I’d be happy to.... I have no questions... My alarm didn’t go off... I’, not sick, its allergies... and for when you are on deadline, I’m right on schedule.” We have a few to add: “This rubber chicken is the best... That secretary? I barely know her... You are the best boss I’ve ever had... and finally, Didn’t you get my message? I put it right on your desk.”

A little blogging music Maestro… Johnny Paycheck’s “Take This Job and Shove it.”

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