Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hell No, We Won't Go

A budget: Go Without to Stay Within

Iraq Budget Buster: If Iraq becomes America’s Hundred Year War as Senator McCain once suggested, not to worry. It won’t last that long because America will be bankrupted by then. Economists tell us that the war is costing every man, woman, and child $ 100 per month and with the cost of aftercare for our troops the cost will jump to $ 200 per month or $ 2,400 per year per American – but we’re getting a $ 600 tax rebate. And while America is borrowing to pay through the nose for the privilege of occupying a country that did not attack us, billions of Iraqi dollars sit in banks garnering interest.

It only gets worse: While the current corporation, uh, administration is doing a fine job of enriching Iraq while draining our resources, they are also bribing militants to not fight with us. And it is working. As long as the militants are receiving their bribe money, the fighting has lessened. In the meantime, more than 4,000 Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis (but who’s counting?) have lost their lives during our occupation, an estimated 60,000 or more American have returned home maimed, and an estimated 160,000 or more have returned home with permanent psychological disabilities. All this while Exxon and the gang post their largest ever earnings.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: On the home front (pun intended) record numbers of homes are being foreclosed and the lenders are admittedly jumpy. Hence, in a normal knee-jerk reaction, money has tightened so those who would normally qualify for home loans are not being funded. Bad loan tentacles reach beyond the housing market. Car sales are down, gasoline prices are at record highs, and even financial aid for students has been impacted. As many as 30 lenders of college loan money have ceased lending students’ money for college. Comment to the current administration: “Fine mess you’ve gotten us into this time.”

Flaming activity in San Francisco: While our favorite buffoon is a good target for poking fun, he is not the only one. The Chinese Olympics are having a rather inauspicious beginning with the torch run ceremony. Protestors have tried to extinguish the flaming torch in France and other European countries, and in San Francisco, home of the drive-by slappings, protestors climbed the Golden Gate Bridge to announce their displeasure to the world. Meanwhile, the torch is being held at an undisclosed location (Code for Dick Cheney’s cellar) until it can be spirited through the streets. Organizers hope they can complete the ceremony without singing, “I Left My Flame in San Francisco.”

Who Can? American’t: We will close with the news item that American Airlines has stayed true to the falling ratings of U.S. airline companies by removing their MD-80 planes from service for government required inspections, causing 1,000 flight cancellations. No known connection but American Airlines shares the same acronym (AA) with Alcoholics Anonymous.

A little blogging music Maestro… “Up, Up and Away” by The Fifth Dimension.

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