Thursday, April 24, 2008

An Honest Politician is One Who will Stay Bought

My Count Is Bigger Than Yours: Are we seeing a new budding relationship? Is Karl Rove running Hillary Clinton’s campaign or is it just my imagination? The Rove method, which works quite well by the way, is to do something nasty or off kilter, then accuse your opponent of doing it. Case in point is “Low Road to Victory” that the NY Times so eloquently wrote. Hillary denied she’d taken the low road and accused her opponent of doing so. Next up is her most recent statement that she has more popular votes than her opponents. She neglects to mention that her count includes two states that all candidates signed a pledge not to include, and her opponent’s name wasn’t even on the ballot in one of the two. But I’m sure she would not acknowledge the misstatement as a lie, but rather a “creative truth.” Her popular vote count can be found in one of the chapters in her new book, “Bullets Over Bosnia.”

Weddings, Media, and Bush Babies: Hillary has brought Chelsea out of her New York closet to stump for Mom. It is not unusual for politicians to kiss other people’s babies and push their own in front to TV cameras to help them campaign. But Laura Bush and the twins have been doing the TV circuit. Why? Their Dad and hubby is not running. But the Queen and princesses appeared with the King on CNN and other media forums. Jenna, the Bush Baby who was announcing her wedding, made the startling statement that she might not vote for the Republican candidate. Wow!

Not For All the Rice In China: Condi Rice might still be the darling of the current administration but another rice is causing problems worldwide. On the basis of a few slanted media reports a worldwide panic is occurring over the food staple. As the cost of petroleum steadily increases the cost of food delivery does the same. Somehow the rumor mill transferred that information into a food shortage, especially rice, and the Run for the Rices began. Costco and Sam’s slammed the door on hoarders by rationing purchases. But officials assure us that no such shortage exists – yet.

A couple of funnies: We’ve been including way too many serious issues in our blog lately so we’ll conclude today’s with a couple of sillies: Seems that President Bush received word that three Brazilian soldiers had been killed in Iraq. He responded, “I forget. How many in a brazzillion?” The White House bartender has created a drink in honor of Dick Cheney. One shot of Wild Turkey and throw it in the face of an attorney. After Hillary was shown doing a shot and a beer Ted Kennedy switched his support to her. After Barack bowled a 37 he decided he’s better cancel his hockey camp. The three candidates have been arguing over who would be most effective with the 3 a.m. phone call. John McCain says he’s always up at 3, going to the bathroom.

A little blogging music Maestro... Anything by Bruce Springsteen because he’s the Boss.

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