Wednesday, February 27, 2008

All the News that's fit to Blog


Sweet Sounds of Phil: The New York Philharmonic Orchestra made a landing in North Korea – the most Americans to land in Korea since the Korean War. Whew, at least the president didn’t make another pre-emptive attack on one of the “Evil Empire” countries. Instead this one was no bomb. In fact, the Koreans gave the Philos the equivalent of a standing “O.” It was cold, bleak and snowy outside the concert hall but inside it was pure love. Could fiddles in Washington while North Korea thaws.

One not so lucky Asian: While North Koreans were looking down on the orchestra in Ping-pong town, another Asian was looking down on some bad news in Texas. Houston Rockets star Yao Ming was watching his version of “My Left Foot,” and did not like what he saw. A stress fracture will require surgery or not. Either way he will likely be lost for the rest of the season. The screwed up injury will likely require screws to hold his foot together. Talk about seven feet of bad news.

Learn baby, learn: Some say Las Vegas is a cultural wasteland filled with pimps, hos, and pleasure palaces. Despite the numerous theaters, concerts, and other cultural activities the stereotype is difficult to shake. Libraries abound, although it is true that the one in Henderson will begin to close Sundays as budgets are reduced. Another bookstore has closed and the one in Mandalay Bay has announced it will close as well. But this week is reading week and dozens of local celebrities will read at local schools – a thirty-year tradition. Perhaps Senator Harry Reid will encourage the movement by changing his name to Harry Read.

Shortage of clicks flicks Google in a fix: Years ago if a floorman in a Las Vegas casino needed to order a drink for a customer he would click a Halloween clicker to summon the cocktail waitress. The mighty click has taken on new status online where every click on one of Google’s ads yields advertising money for the information gatherer. But over the past several months a dearth of clicks has caused Google’s main source of income to wither sending their stock value from a high of $747 per share to a low of $ 447. Google is trying to bounce back from the nadir.

Speaking of nadirs: That sometime politician with all the personality of a box of rocks, Ralph Nader has again announced a run for the presidency. Many thought his involvement in 2000 was the chad that broke the Democrats back. No known connection but shortly after the announcement the lights went out in Florida leaving 3 million people in the dark. The Republican National committee immediately rushed to get the votes counted for next fall’s election.

A little blogging music Maestro… how about “The Night the Lights Went Out.”

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