Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

More Valentines

Today I send the following valentines to the women in my life:

To Rose: My mother. Without her I would be nothing. In fact, without her I wouldn’t be here. I was born at home because I wanted to be near her when the big event happened. Had she not been taken from this earth too soon, albeit age 90, she would now be in her 92nd year. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom.

To Patricia: My wife. She has tolerated my idiosyncrasies for more than three and a half decades. The shy schoolmarm that I married had no idea the “E” ticket ride that she’d be on the rest of her marriage. A couple dozen roses and a special dinner at our favorite Valentine’s Day restaurant is a pittance compared to the love and support she brought to the marriage. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.

To Maryann: The eldest of the sisters. She meets all the criteria of a firstborn – responsibility, discipline of the others, rules follower, and extreme achiever. She knows no bounds when it comes to giving. Happy Valentine’s Day, Maryann.

To Kathy: The second of the sisters. She was the textbook version of the middle child – outgoing, risk taking, social, and constantly pushing the limits of the rules. It was good that she had these traits as she would have to deal with them with her own daughter and granddaughters. Happy Valentine’s Day, Sis.

To Mitzi: The youngest of the sisters. She was supposed to be a boy named George but surprised everybody by being born a girl who was named Georgine. Georgine became Mitzie which morphed to Mitzi. She has more energy than any dynamo. She also has many of the physical and intrinsic traits as Rose. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mitzi.

To Crystal: My daughter who bore me four grandchildren and was also taken from this earth too soon. She was kind, loving, and her primary goal in life was to be a good Mom. Her legacy lives on in her children. Happy Valentine’s Day, Crys.

To the other women in my life: Alexandra, Adeline, Aimee, Karen, Kathy Jean, Kristie, Kari, Kelly, Jessica, and Mina Rose. If I list all outside the family and wives, and lovers of family members I’ll either run out of space or get into trouble for overlooking somebody. So I’ll stop here.

A little blogging music Maestro… “Valentine Girl” by the New Kids on the Block.

Dr. Forgot

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Kathy said...

Well, thank you for the Valentine, Uncle Andy! I hope you had fun with my grandparents out there, but if you didn''s not my fault.

I'll be out in Vegas in a few weeks (2 of my girlfriends and I are going on spring break for a weekend) so maybe if you are around I'll see you! Hope all is well with you and Aunt Patti!

~Kathy Jean