Monday, February 4, 2008

Sunday Olio, Super Chooseday

New York, Political, and Other Giants

Show class in victory and defeat: No longer can the i be removed to make them the New York Gnats. The Pat Riot is over. The Patty-cake from the land of baked beans found that cactus country ended the dry spell of their cross-a-couple-of-states rivals. Brady did not have the beauty from all the other games as the Beast belittled the Pats. As any Monday morning quarterback can say, I saw it coming. The Perfect Pattys could easily have not been so had it not been for a bad call at Baltimore or a bad bounce against Sand Diego or even their previous meeting with the NY Ogres. Eli is due his gin as is the rest of the team. Pat Coach Belichick's belly-ache post game interview could have shown more class. I'm sure his radio played "Hurt So Bad."

Yes We Can: get as many endorsements as possible. Who is winning the race for California backers? Hillary seems to be leading the pack with some 30 high profile backers including politicos Gary Davis, Diane Feinstein, Maxine Waters, and seven city council members as well as entertainers Ron Howard, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ron Howard, Rob Reiner, and Steven Spielberg. Barack trails with some 22 major endorsements including less well known politicos and George Clooney among his actors. On the Republican side Johnny Mac claims 12 endorsements from Sly Stallone, Guv. Arnold, and a host of politicos. Mitt boasts endorsements from 11 politicos including the Orange County GOP chair, and five boosters heart Mike Huckabee including the co-founder of the Minuteman Project, former candidate Duncan Hunter, and tough guy actor Chuck Norris.

CSPAN Class Act: The get-together of the girls for "O" man included "O" ladies Oprah and Michelle, along with supporters Caroline Kennedy and Maria Schriver - wife of the Governator. Oprah was.... well, Oprah. Caroline was fine and Maria made a strong case for her support of Senator Obama. But in this writer's opinion, Michelle Obama stole the show. If was one of the first times she has spoken at length in a national forum. Ms. Obama was as eloquent as she was "down home." Her message is sure to touch the hearts of the young and restless. My only concern is that some conspiracy theorist will start looking into Obama, Oprah, Iowa, and find that there are just too many vowels.

Flipping real estate in Las Vegas: The media gives us our daily dose of the shaky Las Vegas real estate market but we can prove that there are still bargains out there. One report gave upbeat sales figures to commercial buildings and more recently the Gold Spike, which had been purchased six months ago for $ 15.6 million, was recently flipped, or resold for $ 21 million. Not a bad profit.

Bits of Tid: We reported in a post recently that the Monte Carlo and MGM Mirage management showed class in the way guests were handled in the aftermath of their fire. Several guests have spoken out and most seem to be in agreement that personal trauma was kept to a minimum and many were upgraded to suites at other properties. North Las Vegas has grown from its "Northtown" image of a bedroom community for Las Vegans to a formidable competitor to Las Vegas and Henderson. The community or 200,000+ plans to add 330 acres of new gaming and hotel rooms in the I-15/215 area. Remember, Las Vegas was once little more than a watering hole.

A little blogging music Maestro... Kenny Rogers, "The Gambler."

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