Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Hump Day in Paradise

Politics, Weather, and Other Olios

Hell hath no fury: Today's temperature in parts of the Valley of the Dollars is expected to reach the low 70s. A couple of Easterners we know left these balmy temps yesterday and crossed the country and walked smack into an iceberg. Snow, ice, sleet, road closures and pileups. Those are but a few of the reasons why so many Las Vegan have chosen to relocate from the rust belt.

Stick 'em up: That phrase has a whole new meaning these days especially when listening to baseball players and other athletes. The great steroid scandal continues to be played out as former baseballer Roger Clemens maintains his innocence. Perhaps his testimony was full of mispronunciations of names, misuse of words and rambling because he was nervous. I don't think one of the side effects of steroid use is the stupids. Come to think of it that could be a prerequisite for injecting that poison into one's body. But try as they might to blame the user, it is becoming clearer with each testimony that the use of performance enhancing drugs, if not subtly encouraged, was at least ignored by those who should have been watching - and we don't mean the fans.

Sorry Bill, it's for the good of the party: David Wilhelm, former head of the Democratic National Committee and former national manager of President Clinton's campaign is going to (or from, depending on your point of view) the dark side as he has agreed to team up with Barack Obama. He claims it is for the good of the party. That has to come as a severe blow to presidential nominee candidate Senator Hillary Clinton who is watching the wheels come of her campaign bandwagon with the replacement of two top campaign workers.

Build it and they will come: The lights of Las Vegas still shine despite the recent report that Lake Mead will dry up and quit producing electricity in a decade or two. Last year those lights were enjoyed by nearly 40 million people who left the one-arm bandits, table games and other forms of entertainment 11 billion of their money. The record setting pace of visitors and money to the Valley of the Dollars is welcome news to the hoteliers who currently boast an average occupancy rate in excess of 90%. Other communities would kill for that rate. And by 2009 thousands of rooms will be added to the inventory.

How 'bout them Rebels? Congratulations to the UNLV basketball team. Talk about underdogs! Just before the season began their star center left the team. He had been the only tall guy among the hoopsters, leaving a group of midgets - the tallest player is 6'8." Problem is, somebody forgot to tell the Rebels and their coach Lon Kruger that they couldn't cut the mustard. They are a whisper away from another 20-win season and a game behind league leading BYU.

A little blogging music Maestro... how about the UNLV Rebel fight song?

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