Thursday, February 28, 2008

"It's Not My Fault." San Andreas


La La Jolla Land: We recently spent time in La Jolla, CA, a suburb of San Diego and discovered they have news there too. Some of the happenings in the Village meet the “only in…” criteria. The latest fight in La Jolla is whether or not to place parking meters in the village (downtown) area. The local news media points out that a group of radicals from, of all places, Vail, CO have voiced their opinions that parking meters would benefit. From this outside observer’s opinion it looks like the proponents might get run out of town on a parking meter.

Beach booze ban benefits: A year or so ago La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya) banned booze from its beaches. The ban worked so well that neighboring beaches decided to go and do likewise. The drunks at those beaches are now protesting that they have nowhere to wile away their time and panhandle. Only in California. Also, city fathers (and mothers – remember, this is California) are considering installing cameras to watch for crime – I guess like drinking and stuff. Word on the street is that city workers are fighting over who gets to monitor those cameras.

More booze problems: It happened in a neighboring city. The police came upon a drunk who was passed out on the sidewalk. He had a companion also three sheets to the wind. The police recognized the drunk and loaded him into the patrol car for a few block ride home. That was that until local media got hold of the story. Seems the drunk was the mayor and the friend was a city worker. Well, at least he wasn’t drunk on the beach or he’d have really been in trouble.

One more California story: While the rest of the country is debating about insurance coverage and aliens from south of the border a clever man from San Diego is actually doing something about it. Jim Ariola grew up poor in San Diego. He excelled in sports and set a record for running the mile that still stands. After high school he attended the U.S. Military Academy. He returned home to become a businessman and entrepreneur. His latest venture is to offer health insurance to mostly poor Hispanics who can use doctors on either side of the border. Why does this sound like a good idea? Probably because this guy is no politician.

A few bits of tid: Tattoos fade. Seems that fewer Americans are marking themselves up with tattoos. Numbers are down about 3% of those who mark their bodies like only drunken sailors used to. The feds hve delayed construction of a virtual fence along the Mexican border. I guess there aren’t enough virtual illegal aliens to justify it. Pitcher Roger Clements is in trouble for fibbing to a houseful of liars. What’s wrong with that picture?

A little blogging music Maestro… how about “Stop the World, I Want to Get Off.

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