Monday, February 11, 2008

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USA and Chinatown

Who’s Your Daddy? Candidates on both sides of the aisle continue to cry, “Me…. Me…. Pick me.” To the right of Senator McCain stands Governor Huckabee. Those right wing religious conservatives seem to heart Huckabee more than a Big Mac. Many openly complain that Mac does not lean as far to the right as they would have him. Reverend Huck has embraced the so-called Religious Right and together they have faith that without their endorsement Big Mac will be unable to sustain his march to the party nomination or a victory in the subsequent election. Pundits favor Mac as the victor but we know how accurate their predictions have been in the past (Think Rudy).

Would the Opposition Rather Pillory Hillary? Or Bomb Obama? Everybody has an opinion regarding who the Republicans would rather run against. Sleazemasters Rush Limbaugh (self proclaimed “On loan From God”) and Anne Coulter (quoted as “I’d rather vote for Hillary than John McCain”) have opinions that inflame and while rarely are on the mark are always in the money. One set of theories is that the Republicans would prefer to run against Hillary because they’ve been preparing for her longer and she and her potential First Laddie seem to be an easier target. Others accept the fact that it will be a horse race regardless of the Democratic nominee.

When your team is losing fire the manager: Such is the policy in baseball, football, and so it seems in politics. The campaign manager for Hillary recently had her sword broken, stripes ripped from her shoulder, and sent packing in favor of a replacement. Whether the newbie can stop the flood of Obama victories remains to be seen.

Happy New Year, Rat: Chinese New Year is typically a big celebration in Las Vegas. Last year it happened to coincide with the NBA All Star Game and the two constituencies meshed like Democrats and Republicans during an election year. Suffice it to say a culture clash was evident that made many Chinese visitors rethink their future visits to the Valley of the Dollars.

Chinese tourism which represents only a small fraction of tourists is expected to Shitake, uh, mushroom in the future. Gaming is still forbidden on Mainland China but with the replication of much of the Las Vegas Strip in Macau, many Chinese residents have had a taste of the Vegas experience and are expected to come to the Valley to experience the real thing. Oh yes, this is the Chinese New Year of the Rat. Local promoters hope stands for Register At The Strip.

A little blogging Maestro… How about the theme from “Chinatown?”

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