Sunday, November 11, 2007

Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Lions and Tigers, Burgers With Fries

Sigfried and Roy have been icons in Las Vegas for nearly as long as I can remember. They have given so much to the tourists who traveled from all over the world to see them and they've given back to the community in countless ways. Some of the S&R stories are funny, like when their cats would occasionally be reported as prowling the golf course across from their home. Can you imagine a foursome getting ready to tee off when one spies a tiger on the course and says, "I hope you can outrun that thing."

The normal response from a fellow golfer would be, "I only need to be able to outrun you." I'm not sure if the stuff about cats on the golf course are urban legend or not, but they make a good story. And more than one extra exuberant tourist has come by the house for a closer look than is permitted. One ex-pro football player with mental problems even felt compelled to take a rifle with him to find the cats and their keepers. Fortunately he was secured and has since gotten the help needed.

Sigfried and Roy's phenomenal show ended when one of the big pussycats dragged Roy off the stage, injuring him severely. He continues to engage in physical therapy and the partners continue to donate their time to the community.

So why is this an issue? Sigfried and Roy's famous exotic animals, including a rare "Liger," which is a cross between a lion and a tiger (Leo is after all a romantic soul) and several white tigers keep a condo, if you will, at the Mirage. The habitat for felinety located on the south part of the property recently closed. Word has it that an upscale burger joint will open in its place next year. The new place will likely have Kobe (no, not the LA Laker Kobe, but the Japan kind) burgers, lamb burgers (and they're not baaaaaad), and even tuna burgers (Sorry, Charlie). But according to our spies, no puma, polecat, or bobcat burgers.

The lions will not be totally evicted from their home away from the golf course. They've had a place to stretch and sleep at the Mirage for close to 20 years. They will still be available for viewing at the Secret Garden and Dolphin habitat. Flipper charges for posing in his neighborhood whereas previous cat peeps by people had been free.

If you smell the aroma of a burger at the Mirage, follow your nose. But if you're called by a panther, don't anther.

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