Friday, November 23, 2007

Only in Las Vegas?

You'd Yhink So

But You'd be wrong. Las Vegas has the reputation of being on the cutting edge of sinful. You know, "What happens in Las Vegas...." The rest of the world, especially places like Des Moines, Iowa and Lincoln, Nebraska are stereotypically staid, straight, and boring. That is what sells Las Vegas. And it has worked - some say too well. Many of the rubes who come to town end up staying. That is why the population of Las Vegas has at least doubled about every decade since it became a city.

Therefore, when some bright person decides to sell their product with a new spin on sex (assuming there is any such thing as a new spin on sex), if it happens in Pocatello, Idaho or, Heaven forbid, around the buckle of the Bible Belt, the locals shake their heads and say tsk, tsk, but the rest of the world is oblivious to such goings on - unless of course it catches the eye of Bill O'Reilly.

A Las Vegan decided to take the idea that made Starbucks famous, but add his own stars to the idea. The result is a coffee house called Sexxpresso. It is a drive through place and the baristas who serve the hot stuff might be considered hot stuff. They percolate and serve in their almighty nighties. To get a lingerie latte of beverage a la bustier, one needs only to sidle up to the shack in the middle of a Las Vegas parking lot and a scantily dressed sugar will add sugar to your piping hot pants coffee.

So is this a sign of further Las Vegas decadence? Not according to the results of a Google search. Washington offers sweet baked goods from sweet thinly veiled misses. Colorado and Nebraska as Las Vegas has salons whose little snippers will trip your top while topless, hoping for a good tip on top of the topless snip, and we've all seen movie snippets of the topless car wash.

The suggestive themes are actually quite creative. The Las Vegas version of Sexxpresso offers a concoction called the "Wet Dream," served in an "A" cup. A little blogging music maestro.... do the words to "My Gal?

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