Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Nobody For President!

Dump Them All
Am I the only one who is sick of politicians? They lie, cheat, and by the very nature of their job, have to compromise their positions to get anything done. You know, "Ok I'll back your bill if you'll back mine." The most corrupt part of the political system is the PAC. Money talks and you know what walks, and every politician has plenty of that!
I remember the elections of 1992 I believe it was, when a group of idealistic young people decided that they would self-impose term limits. Their platform was "Elect me. Get rid of the good old boys. I'll not only serve you honestly but I promise to serve only one term." So they were elected overwhelmingly and guess what? Nearly every single one broke his promise not to seek a second term.
The first big problem is the committee assignments. Some committees are more prized than others and those who toe the party line get theplum assignments. Those who stand up for what they believe get frozen out, Then there are the PACs, the so-called Political Action Committees. They're comprised of lobbyists whose contributors demant certain votes go a certain way and if the politician doesn't vote correctly, s/he gets frozen out of the big bucks. And I haven't even started on the riders and totally unrelated funding tags put onto bills with a good chance of passing.
Well I'm mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it any more. And I DO have a solution that has nothing to do with my running for office. This election I WILL NOT VOTE FOR AN INCUMBANT! It matters not which party or which race. If the person running is seeking a second term or beyond, that person does not get my vote. Sure, it might mean we elect a few goofballs, but at least they'll be goofballs who have not been feeding at the public trough for more than four years. No longer will the American mantra be, "An honest politician is one who will stay bought."
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