Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sports of All Sorts

Who's Your Daddy?
This year's college football season has been one of the best in recent memory for fans. Unless, of course you're a fan of Notre Gosh Dang. (Dang me, dang me, they oughta take a rope and hang me), University of Michigan (Hail to the Division II Victors), or USC (in the words of the great philosopher Francis Albert Sinatra, "The higher the top the longer the drop"), or any of the others in the gaggle of top ten teams that were upset. I nearly always cheer for the underdog or one of the 80 year old head coaches so it has been a most enjoyable season for me to watch. In fact, I am reluctant to see the basketball season creeping into the college gameday scoreboard. The powerhouses always start thier season with what some reporters like to call "cupcakes." That is why I don't want the football season and all the upsets to end. But we can't stop either progress or the changing of the seasons of play.
Kicking off the basketball season little Findley College of Findley Ohio had perennial powerhouse The Ohio State University scheduled to kick off the season. In football those kinds of games are called body bag games because the smaller schools' players are but cannon fodder for the giants across the line. So it was that little Findley College not unlike Appalacian State vs. Michigan failed to stick to the script and upended THE Ohio State University.
What a shocker! But it couldn't happen again against another giant. That is until little Gardner-Webb went into Lexington and spanked the University of Kentucky. Of course, Kentucky had a better excuse for losing than did Ohio State. They had to play against all the bullies from Gardner- as well as the slick shooters from Webb. Could we be seeing the beginnings of a basketball season that will mirror the upsets of college football?
A little traveling music, Amos. Can you hum a few bars of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame?"
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