Friday, November 9, 2007

More Stock Market Geniuses

What Goes Up Must Come Down
Well the stock market did another slip and slide and one brilliant analyst told us exactly the reason - it is because Cisco soured investors on tech stocks by warning that spending by financial giants and other US firms was floundering! And we didn't know this before? We needed Cisco to tell us that things were bad so the market could fall? I didn't know Cisco cared about all this stuff. I thought he spent his time trying to rescue damsels in distress and keeping Pancho out of trouble.
Wall Street is an interesting place. It is made up of so many Chicken Littles either running around telling the rest of the world that the sky is falling or in times of prosperity warning us that the good times aren't going to last forever. They take themselves WAY too seriously. The New York and D.C. crowds write so many press releases that they read them and start believing them. It is never good when you start to believe your own press releases.
Then there is Mayor Rudy. He wants to be an ex- New Yorker living in D.C. He even got an endorsement from Pat Robertson, the guy who told us that whatever bad happens to America is God's punishment for certain lifestyles. Isn't that the same message we got from some Middle-Eastern Imam?
Memo to the myopic pundits who live in the Big Apple and the Little District of Columbia: People in Mudsock, Oklahoma, Coalville, West Virginia, and Cochise County, Arizona couldn't give a hoot and a holler about you. You are out of touch with everybody except your fellow paranoid pundits who ride the Subway and Metro. The sky is not falling. We are not doomed, and ABC, NBC, and CBS news does not only happen at 5:30 Eastern Standard Time.
The rest of the country is so fed up with your pompouos attitudes and spending us into oblivion that you will be out of a job in a year, so start planning for a real job. That's all for now. As Cisco's sidekick Pancho would say, "Let's went."
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erehwon said...

I second that opinion! ... and for what it's worth, there is a Mudsock in Ohio, too, between Gallipolis, and Napoleon. It is several trailers, a couple of houses, a 'jot-em-down' store, and a little church. You can bet your ass they don't care either.