Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Election Day Tuesday Revisited

Despite the High Cost of Living, It Remains Popular

Let the Games Begin: Some might say the games that have been played out for months on the political stage are about over. The Hillary, Billary, Chellary team has competed valiantly say the pundits but it is time to put the White House lust to bed. No pun intended, Bill. But others say the games are just beginning. Consider the possibilities some pundits are putting forth, and we just could not resist considering with other possibilities.

Hillary as Vice President? Bill as President of Vice? Assuming that last night’s victory in Upper Carolina and his virtual victory in another of the three “I” states, Ba-Rocky appears to have earned a TKO in round 17 of the 21 round match. Dozens of pundits have written the obituary for the Hill-climbing Hillary’s Run for the Rose Garden. Others have suggested that she still has a chance to reach Pennsylvania Avenue as the VEEP. To her credit as a campaigner, Senator C. could stand for Chameleon based on the number of times she’s re-invented herself during the run. Is her camp ready to spin a new chant of, “We’re #2?”

Three Miles Away From Victory: The Vice President’s residence is located three miles from the White House. Could Barack be talked into bringing Hillary onto his ticket then plan to isolate her on the Three Mile (from the W.H.) Island? Will President Obama apply for a Restraining Order to keep Bill away from the Big House and its interns? Will Chelsea be rewarded for her campaigning with a wedding at “Number One Observatory Circle,” the official address of VEEP-ville? Possibilities are endless.

It’s The Economy, Stupid: During Hillary’s run as the nomination nemesis she has been able to reinvent herself for each state. In Pennsylvania her Annie Oakley persona was outdone only by her shot-and-a-beer efforts at a local bar. She changed roles so often that when she played the pauper it stuck. The Clinton campaign is reportedly hemorrhaging money. Her Indiana “Victory” speech was a plea for funds. The alleged $ 10 million in donations after her PA victory have yet to be established and it appears she stripped Chelsea’s inheritance to loan herself huge chunks of cash. Perhaps this is a way of yet reinventing herself as an average American up to her pant-suited hips in debt.

Louisiana Purchase or Seward’s Folly? The Louisiana Purchase was booed as excessively expensive. The purchase of Alaska was reviled by the public when Secretary of State William Seward purchased the icebox. Both turned out to be good deals. Some pundits believe that Senator Clinton will sell her constituency of old white women to Senator Obama’s large purse for the price of her war debt and the number two seat a heartbeat away from the presidency. Will he accept? Stay tuned.

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