Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hillobama Follies Continue

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Bruised, Battered and Begging for Bread: This time last year the Democrats were walking through (yawn) the candidate selection process before the coronation of the Queen of the Hill. Governor Richardson of New Mexico (some asked, “Don’t you have to be American to run?”), Dennis Kuku-Kucinich, Joe Bye-bye Biden, John “ya-all” Edwards, and a host of others made symbolic appearances, but everybody knew the Hillary-Billaries were destined to return to their old home at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. What a difference a year makes. Hillary’s “victory” speech in Indiana was a plea for donations to offset the Clinton piggy bank that she pilfered to the tune of $ 10 million plus.

How could it come to this? Senator Obama accuses Hillary of being part of the same old Washington good old boy, uh, person, network. Maybe, maybe not, but she sure seemed to take her Primary strategy from the George W. Bush Iraq playbook. She underestimated her enemy, had poor planning, declared “Mission Accomplished” multiple times when the campaign was not even close to being over, and clearly has no exit strategy. She even knocked off the patented “Yes We Can” slogan from the Obama camp and changed it to “Yes We Will.” We aren’t sure if she let her “second” in command, namely Bill, talk her into the run or if it is something she’d planned despite her denials over the past eight years.

Three Miles Away From Victory: The Vice President’s residence is located three miles from the White House. Could Barack be talked into bringing Hillary onto his ticket then plan to isolate her on the Three Mile (from the W.H.) Island? Will President Obama apply for a Restraining Order to keep Bill away from the Big House and its interns? Will Chelsea be rewarded for her campaigning with a wedding at “Number One Observatory Circle,” the official address of VEEP-ville? Possibilities are endless.

Let’s Consider the Possibilities: The United States of America will have a new president after next fall’s election, of that you can be sure. Question is, will the new president be one who leaves the toilet seat up or down? Will the end of each workday find the president brushing with Pepsodent or soaking in Polident? Will breakfast include pineapples and coconuts or grits and cornbread? Will the Oval Office be decorated with Orchids and leis of tuberoses or prickley pears and barrel cactus? Will we be governed by the exuberance of youth, Mother Earth, or Father Time? Finally, regarding the attire of the new president, no matter who wins the uniform of the day will be a pant suit.

Oh, those Wacky Floridians: From the state that brought you the hanging chad, rules breaking that cost their delegates convention seating, a sexy biker teacher who had sex with her students, and another who was busted three times for sex with students on more than 20 occasions. The latest story is of the science teacher who had kids in a trance with a magic trick that had a toothpick disappear and reappear. He was fired for wizardry! Holy Harry Potter!

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