Thursday, May 29, 2008

Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou?

Stupidity Left Untreated is Self Correcting

Was the fighter (pilot) also a lover?: Ah, Nevada politics. Some say that an honest politician is one who will stay bought. Maybe our politicians aren’t any wackier than those of other states, it just seems so. A candidate for Sheriff seems to have run a Ponzi scheme with his helicopter school, another was reportedly murdered by her husband, and a rising star in Nevada politics – a Notre Dame graduate and beauty queen - was charged with four felony counts. Our current governor is doing his best to become one of the wackiest politicians in recent memory.

Everybody loves a salacious saga: During his brief tenure to date the state’s deficit has ballooned to nearly $ 1 billion (with a B). The public yawned. Illegal immigrant maid kept in his basement. Ho hum. Appointed a banking lobbyist to run the Nevada Business and Industry Department - hardly a notice. Secret midnight swearing in ceremony - a one day story. And so it goes with a litany of bumbles, tumbles and ethical lapses. But bring in a potential sex scandal or two and the public loves it.

Jimbo and the bimbo: After then gubernatorial candidate and Mormon Gibbons finished getting soused with his campaign manager and a couple toadies at a bar/restaurant he staggered into the parking lot. There he saw the girl of his dreams. Long dark hair, big boobs and a pretty smile - the cocktail waitress who had come to his table earlier was alone. He walked her into the darkened parking garage then began to, uh, well, let us say, do more than just help find her Hummer. It was a great scandal for a week or two but tapes of the incident mysteriously disappeared and no charges were filed.

Heartache #2 was when you walked out on me: He won the election if not the gold medal for the wrestling event and moved into the governor’s mansion with wife Dawn. After half a year in the Big House, Governor Goofy packed his toiletries and overnight bag and left the Mansion in Dawn’s capable hands. Rumors began to swirl that “Jimmy has a girlfriend.” He denied it. Reports said this was an old high school chum. Of course the fact that she’s 20 years his junior meant either he holds the world’s record for flunking third grade, or it was a false report. Besides, the alleged “other woman” is the respected wife of a surgeon and former nanny (no, not the same as the illegal locked in the basement) and longtime friend. Guv Gibbo hurriedly had the divorce documents sealed from public view and prying eyes.

Wifey number two speaks: Long haired Dawn Gibbons was left behind like Rapunzel to wallow in the fine Mansion. Her lawyer responds to the affair: “The (other) woman has for years stalked the man who could give her the public persona and prestige that apparently she craves and for which she is willing to, concurrently, abandon her husband.” Stay tuned folks. This one has all the ingredients to become a staple on Fox news.

A little blogging music Maestro... Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) by Journey.

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