Friday, May 16, 2008

The Morning After

The Morning After......

Can you say, “Upstaged?”: Back in my college days comedian Shelley Berman did a bit about waking up with a hangover. It was called, “The Morning After the Night Before. “My tongue is asleep, and my teeth itch,” is part of the classic sketch. That must have been what Senator Clinton felt this morning. Fresh from her biggest victory on the primary trail she had but a few hours to relish it. After holding court with the biggies in preparation of the evening news the big news was a whooping, cheering, hollering pep rally in Grand Rapids Michigan, no less, during which John Edwards pledged his ever-loving support to Senator Obama.

From the Penthouse to the Outhouse: The late Francis Albert Sinatra, Ole Blue Eyes, perhaps said it best in one of his songs when he uttered, “The higher the top, the longer the drop.” After being knocked off her Lady-in-Waiting perch in Iowa she has been struggling to regain traction up the primary tree but she’s had more ups and downs than Otis the elevator man. Up in PA, down in NC, sideways in IN, then Up, Up, and Away in WVA. It was indeed Almost Heaven and the Lady in the Pantsuit perhaps was getting ready to sing after hitting it out of the park. But while she was in the dugout accepting kudos from her team members, Team BAJ (Barry and John) hit a bottom of the ninth grand slam.

Coronation vs. Strategy: The Clinton campaign ran on the gasoline of familiarity. Bill left his house in fiscal order when they vacated, she had been dodging bullets in Bosnia (not), and had a Washington legacy as first lady and NY Senator. The Obama campaign ran on the solar power of hope (not the one in Arkansas) and change. He was an unknown junior senator but his manner and message brought millions to his revival tent to join in his song, “Yes We Can.” Two different approaches delivered for the most part one point of view.

Now What? Who, Who, Who Will Be #2?: Many suggest the Edwards endorsement will mean little in terms of bringing Barack the constituency that has been the Hillary domain – poor uneducated whites and old blue-haired women. Others who disagree believe Edwards endorsement will pry loose the Hillary constituency but only if he runs as veep, thereby ignoring those who would chant, “Go to Hill” and make your second banana a killer tomato.

The Impact of the McCain Factor: Still, the presidential fight will not be run against the Clintons, but against the McCains. No doubt there will be a Reverend vs. Reverend round, an Economic Disaster round, a Talk about Iraq round, a Kick your Gas policy round, and a Race to the Finish round. The things we know for sure about the fight outcome is it will be bloody, it will be hard fought, and there will be no split decision.

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