Monday, May 19, 2008

The Heavyweights

Take a Risk: Winning = Happiness, Losing = Wisdom

Weekend Tailgate in Oregon: Suppose they gave a war and nobody came. Suppose there was a candidate rally for presidential candidate Barack Obama and nobody came. Neither is very likely. Senator Obama held a rally in Portland that drew more than 75,000 attendees. To put that into perspective, attendance at the rally exceeded the capacity of the football stadiums at University of Oregon, Oregon State University, and Portland State University. Why wasn’t the rally held at Portland State’s football stadium, PGE Park – a common venue for concerts, hockey, and baseball as well as football? Because the crowd that showed up to cheer for Obama exceeded PGE Park’s capacity by 300%. Such a groundswell for a politico has not been seen in this country ever. Senator Obama is not only a candidate, he is a phenomenon.

The Fight of the Heavyweights Has Begun: One look at Barack Obama reveals that he is anything but a heavyweight in the boxing ring. His bowling skills are more than suspect and although he’s fairly agile on the basketball court for a man his age, he has a weak jump shot. John McCain, on the other hand has some physical limitations that would keep him 4-F in the boxing arena but the ex-fighter pilot and POW survivor knows something about fighting. The two have begun to square off with Previews of Coming Attractions in their back-and-forth Iran and foreign policy banter.

Was His Strategy With Clinton Rope-A-Dope?: Mohamed Ali made the rope-a-dope strategy famous when he toyed with his opponent without landing any substantial punches but winning on points. Senator Obama applied a similar strategy against Senator Clinton. When she attacked him he responded in a kinder, gentler fashion. Some thought he could not throw a punch, but it now appears he was reluctant to strike back hard at a woman, despite the ranting of Gerald Ferarro. Perhaps he was, as Champ Ali did, saving his energy for the big fight. We’ve seen him hit back hard against the Bush/McCain policies.

Other Weekend News and Views: The country breathed a collective sigh of relief as Ted Kennedy, appeared to have had a stroke in the very same house as his father. Looks not too serious. Wacky weather hits, the east, the west, the Midwest and the south. We used to blame it on the communists. Today global warming is the culprit. Stupidity can kill. Three guys in California thought it would be fun to bury a homeless drunken women in the sand. They did. She died. Miami Heat Guard Dwyane Wade gave his Mom an unusual gift – her very own church so she could minister to those less fortunate.

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