Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weekend Update

Recent Disasters: Tornadoes, Floods, Earthquakes, Celebrity Comments

Should Sharon be Stoned over Karma Comments? Bob Dylan said, “Everybody must get stoned.” So let’s look at who throws the first one. Oliver Stone is a conspiracy theorist, a rolling stone gathers no moss, Sly and the Family Stone agree that there are Different Strokes for Different Folks, and some think Sharon Stone must have been stoned when she made her karma comments. To wit, regarding the recent devastating earthquake in Japan the 50 (yes, 50!) year old actress was quoted at the Cannes film festival as saying, “And then this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and then I thought, is that karma? When you’re not nice bad things happen to you?” Suffice it to say she will not win a Nobel Peace prize this year and probably not get the Chinese vote for “Woman of the Year.” The American Podiatrist Association might give her an award, however, for planting her foot in her mouth.

Obama Pastor Problem or SNL skit: The media and its pundits always make good targets. Sometimes they just take themselves too seriously. Maybe it is because they have air to fill and nobody watches, listens to or reads dead air. The most recent “Obama pastor controversy” is an example of how dead air sometimes gets filled with ridiculous and silly stuff. Some wacko priest, Rev. Michael Pfleger, decided to perform for the crowd in a way that reminds me of a junior high nerd who got his first rush from the attention of schoolmates. The bit was about Hillary and was actually pretty funny. Had it been a Saturday Night Live skit it would have gotten great reviews as a spoof. Instead it was run on cable news to fill dead air. Just goes to show you that humor and satire can become news.

Hillary Clinton is an addict: Those same 24-hour cable news networks have asked the question, “Exactly what does Hillary want?” They’ve hired high priced professionals, professors, and pundits to try to answer that question. All they have to do is read this blog and they will get the answer for free! Senator Hillary Clinton is addicted to something far stronger than heroin, crack cocaine, or oxycontin. It is the same addiction that seduces many other politicians, performers, and public figures. The addiction to stand before the camera and have millions of adoring fans fawn over you. The addiction that has people hang on your every word as though it were actually important. The addiction to the perks of having a staff, a limo, and a private jet at your disposal and have the scions of media clamoring for your attention. Hillary loves the hunt and the attention. The rush from this addiction is provided daily during the campaign. That’s what Hillary needs most. After the election regardless of the result, once the cameras are turned off and the cable news leads off with a different story there will be a letdown. It matters not so much whether she wins or loses but that she got to play in the game. And it wasn’t about Bill, it was about Hill.

A little blogging music Maestro... All I need is a Miracle by Mike and the Mechanics.

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KL said...


Mao, the world's No.4 killer to date, died [or STONED to death by old age] only weeks after the 1976 Tun-San quake which killed 240,000 Chinese--a bad karma!?.

Our beloved sexy leg-opener Stone [see Basic Instinct] was just concerned about that the totalitarian Communist regime may become the next bad karma soon, even before Ruler Hu can raise his fist & shout "Let the Games begin!"

She did nothing wrong by simply reciting China's history. Yet she was almost STONED to death by [1] those greedy mongers who are afraid of losing the huge China market & [2] some Chinese who are well programmed & brainwashed by PRC regime.

RE: H. CLINTON [HC for her & BC for him, for short]

I read somewhere that Hitler was impotent [totally] & not able to perform in that department at all [zip]. To start WWII & became the world's No.3 [or No.2?] killer [ahead of Mao] were his only way of sexual relieve/satisfaction.

Now, let's examine the sex life between HC & BC. Are they truly happy in bed or out of bed?
No wonder they both have to find outlet for "relieve", i.e. running for president. BC has good temper, thank God he did not go out & killed people as Hitler & Mao did--perhaps Monica L. had helped a little [Ha!]. As for HC, what do you think? Are we safe?!