Monday, January 28, 2008

Everything in Moderation. Even Moderation

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Equal rights; Equal justice: Life just isn't always fair. Take for instance the penalty for dognapping in Virginia - a felony that can result in up to 10 years in the hoosegow. But steal a cat (would that be a cat nap?) and the penalty is but a misdemeanor. Local politicians are up in arms, er, paws about the discrepancy. The proposal has been dubbed, "Ernie's law" after Ernie the kitten that was stolen from the SPCA. At this writing we're not sure if the law will pass or if it will be scratched. But we do know that being in the doghouse means trouble but being in the.... well, you get the idea.

Off-Strip dining elegance: Last night we attended a birthday dinner way off the Las Vegas Strip. A recently-opened restaurant called Six Tables is on Lake Mead and Rampart, about as far away from the strip as one can get. But it is somethingt new for Las Vegas - elegant and upscale with a strong European flavor. Six tables is the maximum that will be seated at any given time and only one seating per night - 7:00 p.m. Las Vegans are nortorious for arriving fashionable late but Chef Roland tells us they're getting there on time. A full course meal with no microwave preparation. A two hour dinner. No need to fight the tourists. How much better can it get?

Nothing is guaranteed but death and taxes: Take actor Wesley Snipes. Ok, if you don't take him the government might. The feds are sniping at the actor for no other reason than he stopped paying his income taxes. Oh, yes, he also demanded $ 11 millon in taxes that he'd already paid. Who does this guy think he is, Halliburton? Prosecutors ask that if he likes the number 11, how does he feel about 16? That is the number of years he could serve if convicted.

Windy with a chance of cleanup: Today's weather in Las Vegas emulates some politicians - blowhard. When the winds blow the cradle might fall but hundreds of cleanup workers put on their longjohns and gear up to clean up the Monte Carlo after the fire. The 2,400 guests, all of whom were relocated to rooms in other hotels where the smoke did not get in their eyes, have mostly left Las Vegas. Employees of the hotel are at this writing drawing their full salaries. Some have been asked to participate in cleanup efforts and the others are asked to check a hotline number daily. A tip of the hat to the Monte Carlo and owners MGM-Mirage for their class in handling of this event.

Politics ala Republican: As candidates get ready for the opening bell in the Florida primary the M&M boys, Mitt and McCain, continue their slugfest for position while Rudy must be asking himself, "Is anybody out there listening to me?" Rudy's strategy was like a marathon runner who did not start the race until the rest of the pack was five miles down the road. Meanwhile, back at the boxing ring Senator McCain accused Mitt of having a plan for troop removal. Mitt got so angry he said, "You, you... are being dishonest!" Wow. That should put the Arizonan in his place.

Politics ala Democrat: Hillary and Bill, who have been doing their best Billary campaign performance, walked directly into a haymaker from left field. Call it the Kennedy Krunch. Sunday's media told of Caroline's support letter for Senator Obama, then today Teddy and Patrick of the Kennedys announced their Barack support as well. Senator Clinton will take a standing eight count while her corner's cutman wipes the blood from her scorecard. Between rounds, from now until Tuesday her camp will try to figure out a strategy to overcome today's blow.

A little blogging music Maestro... "Not Ready to Make Nice," by the Dixie Chicks.

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