Friday, January 11, 2008

Las Vegas le gusta Hillary?

Not so Very Culinary

I'll give this to folks who want to get elected to the presidency: their campaign managers can be very creative and they as well as their campaign workers seem to be indefatigable. Hours before the New Hampshire results came pouring in pundits had Hillary pilloried, down and out, stepped on, lied to, cheated on, and treated like dirt. If your name was Hillary, you were bound to be hurt. But a funny thing happened on the way to the vote calculations... she won, albeit a narrow victory.

All of a sudden the idiots who were managing her campaign became geniuses. And the pundits who, of course, could never be wrong, decided it was because she had cried and become more human to women. Or it was because New Hampshire women were better educated than the farm girls in Iowa, or wait, no, it was the race factor. Ah yes, these are the same types of people who can always predict what will happen in the stock market AFTER it happens.

After the New Hampshire perk-up Hillary's strategists looked at their next challenge: the powerful Culinary Union in Las Vegas had thrown its support to the "O" man. That is important because the Culinary Union is made up primarily of Latinos and African Americans, a constituency that had historically been a core of Clinton voters. But Hillary Hillary didn't worry. Hillary didn't cry or scurry. She looked at her options, bad and good. And took her brood to the neighborhood. She made a cross country trek to the desert and with a better diet and more exercise took a brief tour of parts Las Vegas rarely seen by other tourists.

Hillary had a Democratic elected official from the neighborhood near Eastern Avenue and Washington Boulevard, one inhabited by plenty of minorities, walk her door to door, then she had a rally at one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in town, Lindo Michoacan. The only problem with the plan was that none of the Gringo newscasters were able to pronounce the restaurant's name properly. That aside, it seems to have been a coup for the Senator from New York. Or not.

Local Demo politico Rory Reid (scion of Senator Harry) and Congresswoman Shelly Berkley have tossed their support to Senator Clinton. But the Culinary Union is probably the most stalwart group in Las Vegas. Anybody who cleans a toilet, washes a sheet, cooks at a buffet, serves a meal, etc. etc. etc. is a member of that union. The good Senator from Illinois plans to visit the Valley of the Dollars today to embrace union members. So was Hillary's attempt at busting the union's solidarity commitment to BarackO successful? Ask the pundits. They might be right. Or not.

A little blogging music Maestro... How about "I Want You to Want Me" by Cheap Trick.

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