Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Liars, Damn Liars, and Politicians

Summary to Date

Liar, Liar, Iraqi Fire: The problems keep adding up for the current administration. A study by two non-profit journalism organizations reported the Bush White House told more than a few little white lies about Iraq in the two years after 9/11. Of the 935 false statements by the Decider, the Vice Decider, and top level staff, 532 untruths stated that Iraq had WMDs, was trying to produce them, or had links to al-Qaeda. It worked.

Poor Dennis Kucinich: He has been running for the presidential nomination consistently slightly below none of the above. He has been treated worse than Rodney Dangerfield while seeking respect. Last week prior to the Las Vegas Democratic caucus DK was invited to be one of the four candidates to grace the Cashman Center stage. But a funny thing happened to the long shot from Ohio on his way to the debate - he was, as the Country and Western song says, "stepped on, lied to, cheated on and treated like dirt." Master debater NBC (Nothing But Caucuses) decided that three on a match played better than a foursome so they shoved the Ohio odd man out.

DK cried, "Foul" and on Debate Eve stepped to the legal free throw line - the court system. But the case landed in the lap of a missing judge - one who has been suspended because she asked her bailiff to rub her sore feet and other stupid stuff for a judge to do. The case went to a substitute judge who had been whistled into the courtroom for the day. But Judge Sub was in a hurry to get to his real courtroom so an hour and a half after DK filed his suit Judge Sub sat patiently for 20 minutes and told (NBC) Never Bank on Courts it had to let the gentleman from Ohio orate. When the sun next rose on the Valley of the Dollars the state Supreme Court upset the applecart and overturned the hasty pudding judges decision. Solon Kucinich sat out the debate and must have been Nothing But Crushed.

Some Caucus Slobs: The at large sites that were set up at hotels on and near the Strip got most of the publicity but the caucus was held mostly at schools. The Clark County School District did their part for democracy by allowing 258 local schools to be used as sites. For the most part the caucus goers followed the school rules, but one group put themselves at risk of being suspended until their parents could come in and meet with the principal. Some might have put on restriction for the rest of their lives plus two weeks. Caucus goers in one upscale community ignored agreed upon rules that forbid campaign signs from being affixed or stuck in the ground, food being eaten in classrooms and, well you remember the rules. Cleanup will cost an estimated $ 100 grand which the school district plans to bill the organizers.

Fiscal Health of Health Care Group: A couple of decades ago a group of local doctors, fed up with health care system red tape, decided to start their own. The health services group grew and thrived as the entire Valley of the Dollars did for many years. They became so attractive that a national group decided to buy the locals. The national group is in the midst of consummating the deal when they stated their fourth quarter earnings. They had their worst fourth quarter in over a decade - a mere $ 1.22 billion in net income. Things are tough all over.

A little blogging music Maestro... "Crazy Times" by Gene Vincent.

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