Sunday, January 27, 2008

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Rain and Other Poppycock

It never rains in California: But it rains regularly in Las Vegas - a couple of times in January, once or twice in February, then a few sprinkles every 90 days or so until the annual 3.75" rainfall has been reached. In some respectable communities near Seattle, Dallas, or Pittsburgh, that 3.75" can fall in hours. When it rained in Las Vegas in the old days there would be gully washers as the high points in the west part of the valley saw water cascading to the lower parts of the east valley and on to Lake Mead. Caesars Palace parking lot was built in the midst of one of the gullys and cars used to float from one side to the other and under the Strip. But flood control ruined all that and catch basins now deny current generations the thrill of watching the desert floods.

Prop up the Super Bowl betting: Betting purists look down their noses at prop or proposition bets - bets on obtuse kinds of things associated with the big games such as who might win the coin toss, who will get the first first down, longest pass completion, reception, run from scrimmage, etc. But bets on the offbeat and simple kinds of things that can happen in a game have brought thousands of new bettors to the windows of the casinos. A person doesn't have to have an intimate knowledge of the game to understand the longest pass or run play. As for me, I'm still not sure if inside linebackers play indoors and outside linebackers play outdoors. But I have a prop bet: I'll bet that the Monte Carlo casino and sports book gets reopened in time to bet on the Super Bowl.

Vote for Hardy. That's Party Hardy: Local city council members might be described like an Italian mushroom. There's many a "fun-guy" among them. The local Sun newspaper did an 18-month review of the spending habits of what wacky Latin might describe as "politicus spendus." Special event spending prizes go to Steven Ross, Lois Tarkanian, and Gary Reese led the pack of spending on items such as hula dancers, candy bars beach balls and dog treats to the tune of over $ 150,000. That should make taxpayers roll over and play dead. The story also revealed that Hizzoner the mayor spent a paltry two grand on such silliness. So much for his reputation as a big time party mayor.

Swing and a miss: A local attorney who bills himself as "The Heavy Hitter" on his local promos is about to strike out in the eyes of the judicial system. Barrister Glen Lerner missed the first day of his client's murder trial last week. The heavy hitter was not exactly in the training room getting his ankles taped for the national pastime, he was instead on "sabbatical" in Pennsylvania. He muffed his line drive as though it were a blooper to the infield. Talk about mixed metaphors. The umpire, er, judge, in this case, Michelle Leavitt, has not ruled if his excuse was fair or foul, but it is clear that the barrister is not batting a thousand on this field. Was his move a balk? We will let you know the score as soon as it comes in.

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