Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hungry Candidates Await Supper Tuesday

Ambivalent Politicos? Yes and No

And Then There Were None: Mystery writer Agatha Christie created a classic with "And Then There Were None," later done as a play and renamed "Ten Little Indians." The play begins with 10 people in an island with each one being taken out of the picture according to a nursery rhyme. The play reminded me of this year's presidential race. With apologies to Dame Christie we will attempt to describe such an occurrence in our own play, "Ten Little Candidates."

Ten Little Candidates going out to dine
One lost his Keyes and then there were nine.

Nine Little Candidates running state to state
Gravel ran out of money and then there were eight.

Eight little candidates praying unto heaven
Mike got the word and then there were seven.

Seven little candidates doing campaign tricks
Rudy got the bootie and then there were six.

Six little candidates trying to revive
Lawyer John lost his case and then there were five.

Five little candidates knocking on the door
Looks like Ron Paul's demise will leave only four.

Four little candidates, two on either side
Upon which one's shoulders will the presidency ride?

The one little candidate that history will remember
Will not be revealed until next November.

A little blogging music Maestro...."Gone, gone, gone" by the Everly Brothers.

Dr. Forgot

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